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161T-004   .006 Wildfire - Black 20 Yards
161T-010   .006 Wildfire - Black 125 Yards
161T-008   .006 Wildfire - Black 50 Yards
161U-004   .006 Wildfire - Frost 20 Yards
161U-010   .006 Wildfire - Frost 125 Yards
161U-008   .006 Wildfire - Frost 50 Yards
161A-004   .006 Wildfire - Grey 20 Yards
161A-010   .006 Wildfire - Grey 125 Yards
161A-008   .006 Wildfire - Grey 50 Yards
575OV24   .5 x.75 inch oval Copper Blank
751OV24   .75 X 1.1 inch oval Copper Blank
CH2350   .7mm Beading Chain
12481-24B   1 1/2" Aluminum Blank
124125   1 1/2" x 6" Aluminum Bracelet Blank
12421-24B   1" Aluminum Blank
125RN24   1.25 Inch Round Copper Blank
CH874   1.25mm Beading Chain
PLHP125   1.25mm Hole Punch - Long Neck
150RN24   1.5 Inch round Copper Blank
1.5mm-Antique-Red-Round-Leathe   1.5mm Antique Red Round Leather Spool
1.5mm-Aquattin-Leather-Spool   1.5mm Aquattin Leather Spool
1.5mm-Coconut-Leather-Spool   1.5mm Coconut Leather Spool
LPS022   1.5mm Gothic Number Set
PLHP15   1.5mm Hole Punch - Long Neck
1.5mm-Met.-Oasis-Turquoise-Lea   1.5mm Met. Oasis Turquoise Leather Spool
1.5mm-Natural-Ant-Brown-Leathe   1.5mm Natural Antique Brown Leather Spool
1.5mm-Natural-Black-Leather-Sp   1.5mm Natural Black Leather Spool
1.5mm-Natural-Blue-Leather-Spo   1.5mm Natural Blue Leather Spool
1.5mm-Natural-Dark-Green-Round   1.5mm Natural Dark Green Round Leather Spool
1.5mm-Natural-Grey-Leather-Spo   1.5mm Natural Grey Round Leather Spool
1.5mm-Natural-Leather-Spool   1.5mm Natural Leather Spool
1.5mm-Natural-Light-Brown-Leat   1.5mm Natural Light Brown Leather Spool
1.5mm-Natural-Violet-Leather-   1.5mm Natural Violet Leather Spool
1.5mm-Pink-Leather-Spool   1.5mm Pink Leather Spool
1.5mm-Primrose-Leather-Spool   1.5mm Primrose Leather Spool
1.5mm-Red-Round-Leather-Spool   1.5mm Red Round Leather Spool
1.5mm-Shimmer-Leather-Spool   1.5mm Shimmer Leather Spool
1.5mm-White-Leather-Spool   1.5mm White Leather Spool
5RN24   1/2 Inch round Copper Blank
10-11mm-Large-Hole-Freshwater-   10-11mm Large Hole Freshwater Pearls
DBM2262   10/0 Delica Picasso Canary Yellow Matte
DBM2265   10/0 Delica Picasso Chartreuse Matte
DBM2263   10/0 Delica Picasso Opaque Red Garnet Matte
DBM2261   10/0 Delica Picasso Smoky Black Matte
E268-20   10mm Agate Gainsboro Blue
E268-04-pale-turquoise   10mm Agate Pale Turquoise
ABB602   10mm Amazonite Strands
10mm-Amethyst-Strands   10mm Amethyst Strands
103-10-1   10mm Aquamarine Faceted Malay Jade
10mm-Black-Crystal-Leather   10mm Black Crystal Leather
AAA423   10mm Black Onyx Strands
ABB908   10mm Blue Gold Tigers Eye Strands
10mm-Blue-Howlite-Large-Hole-B   10mm Blue Howlite Large Hole Beads - Short Strand
10mm-Blue-Impression-Jasper-La   10mm Blue Impression Jasper Large Hole Beads - Short Strand
10mm-Blue-Magnesite-Large-Hole   10mm Blue Magnesite Large Hole Beads - Short Strand
10mm-Chevron-Amethyst-Large-   10mm Chevron Amethyst Large Hole Beads - Short Strand
10mm-Citrine-Rondelle-Strands   10mm Citrine Rondelle Strands
ABB306   10mm Confetti Mother of Pearl Strands
AAA128   10mm Czech Glass Disk Bead - Purple Luster
ABB314   10mm Dark Teal Mother of Pearl Strands
ABB567   10mm Ebony Wood Bead Strands
10mm-Faceted-Amazonite-Large-H   10mm Faceted Amazonite Large Hole Beads - Short Strand
ABB257-black   10mm Faceted Black Round Chinese Crystal
ABB257-clear   10mm Faceted Clear Round Chinese Crystal
ABB257-grey   10mm Faceted Opaque Grey Round Chinese Crystal
ABB257-orange   10mm Faceted Orange Round Chinese Crystal
ABB257-red   10mm Faceted Red Round Chinese Crystal
AAA370   10mm Faceted Smokey Quartz Chinese Crystal
ABB257   10mm Faceted Smokey Quartz Round Chinese Crystal
ABB547   10mm Fancy Blue Gold Tigers Eye Strands
Blck10mm-Flat-Leather   10mm Flat Black Leather
Brwnw-turqflat-Leather   10mm Flat Brown w/turquoise Leather
ChocBrwnflat-Leather   10mm Flat Chocolate Brown Leather
L-CL-30   10mm Flat Leather Cord Ends
10mm-Flat-Metallic-Bronze-Leat   10mm Flat Metallic Bronze Leather
10mm-Flat-Puff-Coin-Russian-Am   10mm Flat Puff Coin Russian Amazonite
Purpflat-Leather   10mm Flat Purple Leather
10mm-Flat-Putty-Leather   10mm Flat Putty Leather
Tealflat-Leather   10mm Flat Teal Leather
10mm-Flat-Vintage-Purple-Leath   10mm Flat Vintage Purple Leather
ABB268   10mm Gray Ghana Glass Beads
AAA137   10mm Gray Wood Bead Strands
13671   10mm Hammered Pewter Spacer
ABB697   10mm Impression Jasper Large Hole Beads - Short Strand
10mm-Large-Hole-Freshwater-Bar   10mm Large Hole Freshwater Baroque Pearls
10mm-Large-Hole-pearls-short   10mm Large Hole Freshwater Baroque Pearls - Short Strand
ABB234   10mm Larimar Coin Bead Strands
AAA578   10mm Lava Stone
ABB269   10mm Light Green Ghana Glass Beads
ABB799   10mm Madre de Cacao Wood Bead Strands
10mm-Matte-Agate-Large-Hole-Be   10mm Matte Agate Large Hole Beads - Short Strand
ABB721   10mm Matte Amazonite Large Hole Beads - Short Strand
AAA518   10mm Matte Amazonite Strands
10mm-Matte-Aventurine-Large-Ho   10mm Matte Aventurine Large Hole Beads - Short Strand
10mm-Matte-Black-Onyx-Large-   10mm Matte Black Onyx Large Hole Beads - Short Strand
ABB702   10mm Matte Black Onyx Strands
10mm-Matte-Brown-Agate-Large-H   10mm Matte Brown Agate Large Hole Beads - Short Strand
AAA140   10mm Matte Ebony Wood Bead Strands
AAA403   10mm Matte Fossil Stone Strands
ABB611   10mm Matte Gray Wood Bead Strands
ABB171   10mm Matte Larkvite
10mm-Matte-Strawberry-Quartz   10mm Matte Strawberry Quartz Strands
10mm-Matte-Tiger-Eye-Large-Hol   10mm Matte Tiger Eye Large Hole Beads - Short Strand
10mm-white-matte   10mm Matte White Wood Bead Strands
10mm-Moss-Agate-Strands   10mm Moss Agate Strands
10mm-Peacock-Druzy-Large-Hole-   10mm Peacock Druzy Large Hole Beads - Short Strand
10mm-Purple-Crystal-Leather   10mm Purple Crystal Leather
10mm-Rhodonite-Large-Hole-Bead   10mm Rhodonite Large Hole Beads - Short Strand
10mm-Riverstone-Agate-Large-Ho   10mm Riverstone Agate Large Hole Beads - Short Strand
ABB606   10mm Robles Wood Bead Strands
AAA553   10mm Rose Quartz Strands
ABB774   10mm Rose Wood Bead Strands
RAK10   10mm Rudraksha Beads
10mm-Sodalite-Strands   10mm Sodalite Strands
10mm-Square-Bamboo-Leaf-Jasper   10mm Square Bamboo Leaf Jasper Strands
10mm-Tan-Crystal-Leather   10mm Tan Crystal Leather
ABB520   10mm Tibetan Style Dzi Bead Agate Strands
93-0448   10mm Wavy Disk
AAA263   10mm Wavy Spacer Beads
ABB599   10mm White Wood Bead Strands
ABB445   10mm x 12mm Multi Color Freshwater Large Hole Pearls - Short Strand
10mm-x-7mm-Ribbon-Ends   10mm x 7mm Ribbon Ends
143   10mm x 7mm Ribbon Ends
ABB703   10x14mm Large Hole Freshwater Baroque Pearls
ABB255   10x15mm Black Crystal Drops
10x15mm-Morganite-Large-Hole   10x15mm Morganite Large Hole Beads - Short Strand
ABB256   10x15mm Opaque Red Crystal Drops
11-9302   11/0 Amethyst Gold Luster
11-9379   11/0 Amethyst Lined Lt Topaz
11-9342   11/0 Amethyst Lined Lt Topaz AB
11-9334   11/0 Amethyst Lined Yellow
11-9536   11/0 Aqua Green Ceylon
11-9359   11/0 Aqua Lined Lt Topaz AB
11-91018   11/0 Aqua Silver Lined AB
11-9401FR   11/0 Black Matte AB
11-92011   11/0 Blue Grey Matte
11-91425   11/0 Blue Zircon Silver Lined
11-92050   11/0 Bright Turquoise Dyed
11-9135F   11/0 Brown Matte Transparent
11-9135FR   11/0 Brown Matte Transparent AB
11-91025   11/0 Capri Blue Silver Lined AB
11-914   11/0 Chartreuse
11-9143FR   11/0 Chartreuse Matte Transparent AB
11-9348   11/0 Cranberry Lined Lt Topaz AB
11-92021   11/0 Cream Matte Opaque
11-9131   11/0 Crystal
11-9273   11/0 Crystal Lined Lt Yellow AB
11-91901   11/0 Crystal Semi Matte Silver Lined
11-91   11/0 Crystal Silver Lined
11-913   11/0 Dark Amethyst Silver Lined
11-92022   11/0 Dark Cream Matte
11-94   11/0 Dark Gold Silver Lined
11-91004   11/0 Dark Gold Silver Lined AB
11-92010   11/0 Dark Grey Matte
11-9556   11/0 Dark Pink
11-9363   11/0 Dark Pink Lined Amber
11-9345   11/0 Dark Pink Lined Chartreuse
11-9336   11/0 Dark Rose Lined Yellow
11-91005   11/0 Dark Topaz Silver Lined AB
DB128   11/0 Delica - Amy Gold Luster Iris
DB079   11/0 Delica - Aqua Blue Lined AB
DB1490   11/0 Delica - Bisque White Opaque
DB010   11/0 Delica - Black
DB2   11/0 Delica - Blue Iris
DB200   11/0 Delica - Chalk White Opaque
DB051   11/0 Delica - Crystal AB
DB050   11/0 Delica - Crystal Luster
DB041   11/0 Delica - Crystal Silver Lined
DB120   11/0 Delica - Dark Topaz Claret Luster
DB2140   11/0 Delica - Duracoat Opaque Anemone
DB2138   11/0 Delica - Duracoat Opaque Columbine
DB2119   11/0 Delica - Duracoat Opaque Jujube
DB2135   11/0 Delica - Duracoat Opaque Juniper Berry
DB2116   11/0 Delica - Duracoat Opaque Light Carnation
DB2129   11/0 Delica - Duracoat Opaque Moody Blue
DB105   11/0 Delica - Gold Luster Transparent Red
DB108   11/0 Delica - Gold Lustre Amethyst
DB103   11/0 Delica - Gold Red Lustre
DB003   11/0 Delica - Green Iris
DB871   11/0 Delica - Grey Matte Opaque AB
DB001   11/0 Delica - Gunmetal
DB058   11/0 Delica - Light Blue Lined
DB046   11/0 Delica - Light Green Silver Lined
DB882   11/0 Delica - Light Grey Matte Opaque AB
DB082   11/0 Delica - Light Pink Lined AB
DB727   11/0 Delica - Light Siam Opaque
DB101   11/0 Delica - Light Topaz Luster
DB278   11/0 Delica - Lined Dark Blue Lustre
DB281   11/0 Delica - Lined Pale Blue Magenta Lustre
DB054   11/0 Delica - Lined Peach AB
DB870   11/0 Delica - Lt Amethyst Matte Trans AB
DB2043   11/0 Delica - Luminous Almond
DB2039   11/0 Delica - Luminous Blue
DB2033   11/0 Delica - Luminous Creamsicle
DB2054   11/0 Delica - Luminous Dusk Blue
DB2034   11/0 Delica - Luminous Flamingo
DB2035   11/0 Delica - Luminous Fuchsia
DB2040   11/0 Delica - Luminous Green
DB2044   11/0 Delica - Luminous Guava
DB2037   11/0 Delica - Luminous Light Purple

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