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8-91010   8/0 Flame Red Silver Lined AB
8-9209   8/0 Fuchsia Lined Crystal
8-94247   8/0 Fuchsia Silver Lined Duracoat
8-94504   8/0 Garnet Transparent Picasso
8-91003   8/0 Gold Silver Lined AB
8-916   8/0 Green Silver Lined
8-91016   8/0 Green Silver Lined AB
8-9179   8/0 Green Transparent AB
8-9152F   8/0 Grey Matte Transparent
8-9152   8/0 Grey Transparent
8-92440   8/0 Grey Transparent Iris
8-9451   8/0 Gunmetal Transparent
8-9592   8/0 Ivory Ceylon
59205M80   8/0 JET MATTE AB
8-92035   8/0 Khaki Opaque AB
8-94248   8/0 Light Amethyst Silver Lined Duracoat
8-9159L   8/0 Light Cornflower Blue Transparent
8-94221   8/0 Light Smoky Pewter Galvanized
8-9155F   8/0 Light Tea Rose Matte Transparent
8-9155FF   8/0 Light Tea Rose Matte Transparent AB
8-94246   8/0 Lilac Silver Lined Duracoat
5341080   8/0 LIME GREEN OPAQUE
8-9277   8/0 Lime Lined Crystal AB
8-9600   8/0 Limestone Opaque Luster
8-9228   8/0 Lt Green Lined Crystal
8-915   8/0 Lt Green Transparent S/L
8-9264   8/0 Magenta Lined AB
8-92021   8/0 Matte Opaque Cream
8-9407FR   8/0 Matte Opaque Vermillion Red AB
8-9402F   8/0 Matte White
8-92006   8/0 Metallic Gold Matte
8-9457L   8/0 Metallic Light Bronze
8-92002   8/0 Metallic Silver Grey Matte
8-9MIX12   8/0 Mix Apparition
8-9MIX11   8/0 Mix Caribbean Blue
8-9MIX07   8/0 Mix Earthtone
8-9MIX03   8/0 Mix Evergreen
8-9MIX14   8/0 Mix Gemtones
8-9MIX06   8/0 Mix Lagoon
8-9MIX10   8/0 Mix Melon Berry
8-9MIX16   8/0 Mix Rainbow
8-9MIX08   8/0 Mix Serenity
8-9MIX15   8/0 Mix Spring Flowers
8-9MIX05   8/0 Mix Strawberry Fields
8-9MIX18   8/0 Mix Vineyard
8-9MIX04   8/0 Mix Wheat Berry
8-94516   8/0 Miyuki Picasso Montana Matte
8-91026   8/0 Olive Silver Lined AB
51220M80   8/0 OLIVINE MATTE AB
8-94506   8/0 Olivine Transparent Picasso
8-9414   8/0 Opaque Cobalt
8-9406   8/0 Opaque Orange
8-94513   8/0 Opaque Red Garnet Matte Picasso
8-9408   8/0 Opaque Red Miyuki Seed Beads
8-9413   8/0 Opaque Turquoise Blue
8-9412   8/0 Opaque Turquoise Green
8-9402   8/0 Opaque White
8-9404   8/0 Opaque Yellow
8-91008   8/0 Orange Silver Lined AB
8-9222   8/0 Orchid Lined Crystal
8-94244   8/0 Persimmon Silver Lined Duracoat
8-94512   8/0 Picasso - Canary Yellow Matte
8-9272   8/0 Pink Lined AB
8-9207   8/0 Pink Lined Crystal
8-94503   8/0 Red Brown Transparent Picasso
8-91019   8/0 Sapphire Silver Lined AB
8-94514   8/0 Seafoam Green Matte Picasso
8-9263   8/0 Seafoam Lined Crystal AB
8-94201   8/0 Silver Galvanized
8-9142F   8/0 Smoky Amethyst Matte Transparent
8-9142FR   8/0 Smoky Amethyst Matte Transparent AB
8-912   8/0 Smoky Amethyst Silver Lined
8-91012   8/0 Smoky Amethyst Silver Lined AB
8-94511   8/0 Smoky Black Matte Picasso
8-9234   8/0 Sparkle Metallic Gold Lined Crystal
8-94243   8/0 Tan Silver Lined Duracoat
8-92405FR   8/0 Teal Matte Transparent AB
8-9133FR   8/0 Topaz Matte Transparent AB
1102780   8/0 TOPAZ RED-LINED
238480   8/0 YELLOW MATTE
AAA503   8mm Gray Striped Agate Strands
AAA000   8mm Sea Blue Aqua Terra Jasper
AAA169   8mm African Turquoise Round Beads
AAA536   8mm African White Opal Strands
8mm-Amazonite-Hand-Knotted-Nec   8mm Amazonite Hand Knotted Necklace
AAA366   8mm Amazonite Strands
AAA433   8mm Amethyst Strands
AAA051   8mm Angelite Strands
AAA004   8mm Apatite Strands
AAA345   8mm Apatite Strands
AAA344   8mm Aqua Blue Quartz
8mm-Aqua-Jade-Hand-Knotted-Nec   8mm Aqua Jade Hand Knotted Necklace
AAA149   8mm Aqua Mother of Pearl Strands
103-8-1   8mm Aquamarine Faceted Malay Jade
ABB226   8mm Arctic Jasper Strands
P075-31-8mm   8mm Assorted Gemstones
AAA421   8mm Bamboo Agate Strands
AAA389   8mm BC Jade Strands
AAA534   8mm Black Agate Strands
AAA419   8mm Black Line Amazonite Strands
8mm-Black-Lip-Mother-of-Pearl-   8mm Black Lip Mother of Pearl Strands
ABB565   8mm Black Matte Glass Bead Strands
8mm-Black-Onyx-Hand-Knotted-Ne   8mm Black Onyx Hand Knotted Necklace
AAA184   8mm Black Onyx Strands
ABB282   8mm Black Sunstone Strands
AAA363   8mm Black Tourmaline Strands
8mm-Bloodstone-Strands   8mm Bloodstone Strands
ABB116   8mm Blue Agate Strands
AAA676   8mm Blue Aqua Terra Jasper
AAA183   8mm Blue Aura Quartz
ABB434   8mm Blue Ghana Glass Beads
ABB555   8mm Blue Gold Tigers Eye Strands
AAA070   8mm Blue Goldstone Strands
8mm-Blue-Magnesite-Hand-Knotte   8mm Blue Magnesite Hand Knotted Necklace
AAA057   8mm Blue Picasso Jasper Strands
AAA470   8mm Blue Tigers Eye Strands
ABB130   8mm Brass Rhinestone Spacers - Clear Silver
AAA321   8mm Butterscotch Mother of Pearl Strands
26-8mm   8mm Camel Matte Glass Bead Strands
AAA161   8mm Carnelian Strands
ABB385   8mm Cherry Red Ghana Glass Beads
AAA467   8mm Chevron Amethyst Strands
AAA322   8mm Chocolate Mother of Pearl Strands
8mm-Citrine-Rondelle-Strands   8mm Citrine Rondelle Strands
AAA157   8mm Citrine Rounds Strands
AAA074   8mm Cloudy Quartz Strands
AAA062   8mm Cobra Jasper Strands
AAA365   8mm Coral Strands
AAA092   8mm Cream Mother of Pearl Strands
AAA466   8mm Crystal Quartz Strands
AAA545   8mm Dark Bronze Plated Hematite
G051-R1-8mm   8mm Dark Cyan Jade Strands
AAA176   8mm Dark Strawberry Quartz Strands
ABB450   8mm Dark Teal Ghana Glass Beads
AAA129   8mm Denim Blue and Gold Czech Glass Beads
8mm-Denim-Blue-Jade-Hand-Knott   8mm Denim Blue Jade Hand Knotted Necklace
ABB563   8mm Dyed Aqua Jade Strands
ABB605   8mm Dyed Coral Jade Strands
ABB577   8mm Dyed Dark Lavender Jade Strands
ABB578   8mm Dyed Dark Purple Jade Strands
ABB573   8mm Dyed Fuschia Jade Strands
ABB570   8mm Dyed Green Marble Jade Strands
ABB557   8mm Dyed Light Lavender Jade Strands
ABB580   8mm Dyed Magenta Jade Strands
AAA024   8mm Dyed Pearl Pink Jade Strands
ABB548   8mm Dyed Red Jade Strands
AAA190   8mm Dyed Teal Jade Strands
ABB614   8mm Ebony Wood Bead Strands
ABB334   8mm Emerald Mother of Pearl Strands
AAA336   8mm Etched Black Onyx Strands
AAA130   8mm Evergreen and Gold Czech Glass Beads
ABB166   8mm Faceted Amazonite Strands
ABB167   8mm Faceted Amazonite Strands
8mm-Faceted-Bronzite-TB   8mm Faceted Bronzite Strands
GF8mm   8mm Faceted Glass Strands
18mm-Faceted-Goldstone-Bead-St   8mm Faceted Goldstone Bead Strands
8mm-Faceted-Smokey-Quartz-Stra   8mm Faceted Smokey Quartz Strands
166-8-22   8mm Faceted White Jade Strands
ABB560   8mm Fancy Blue Gold Tigers Eye Strands
ABB281   8mm Fancy Cut Crystals - Black
ABB281-blue-ab   8mm Fancy Cut Crystals - Blue AB
ABB281-silver   8mm Fancy Cut Crystals - Silver
1-08-2006   8mm Firepolish Amethyst
1-08-Z6001   8mm Firepolish Aquamarine Celsian
1-08-4001   8mm Firepolish Black Diamond
1-08-X4001   8mm Firepolish Black Diamond AB
1-08-90215   8mm Firepolish Bronze
1-08-6008   8mm Firepolish Capri Blue
1-08-26117   8mm Firepolish Chroust
1-08-0003   8mm Firepolish Crystal
1-08X-0003   8mm Firepolish Crystal AB
1-08-46028   8mm Firepolish Crystal Gray
1-08-T0003   8mm Firepolish Crystal Picasso
1-08-14415   8mm Firepolish Dark Bronze
1-08-2398   8mm Firepolish Jet
1-08-6021   8mm Firepolish Light Teal
1-08-LR6001   8mm Firepolish Lustre Iris Aqua
1-08-LR5080   8mm Firepolish Lustre Iris Chryso
1-08-P15726   8mm Firepolish Lustre Op Amethyst
1-08-P65431   8mm Firepolish Lustre Op Green
1-08-P65491   8mm Firepolish Lustre Op Rose/Gold Topaz
1-08-14413   8mm Firepolish Lustre Trans Champagne
1-08-5695   8mm Firepolish Lustre Trans Gold/Smokey Topaz
1-08-14495   8mm Firepolish Lustre Trans Rosaline
1-08-B15695   8mm Firepolish Metalic Gold Topaz
1-08-3033   8mm Firepolish Montana Blue
1-08-63130   8mm Firepolish Op Turquoise
1-08-6313   8mm Firepolish Op Turquoise Picasso
1-08-1023   8mm Firepolish Smokey Topaz
1-08-w0003   8mm Firepolish Twilight Crystal
AAA399   8mm Fluorite Strands
AAA441   8mm Fossil Jasper Strands
AAA375   8mm Garnet Strands
ABB209-8mm   8mm Glass Pearl Strands
ABB559   8mm Goldstone Bead Strands
8mm-Graphic-Feldspar-TB   8mm Graphic Feldspar
AAA690   8mm Grass Green Aqua Terra Jasper

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