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1-08-0003   8mm Firepolish Crystal
1-08X-0003   8mm Firepolish Crystal AB
1-08-46028   8mm Firepolish Crystal Gray
1-08-T0003   8mm Firepolish Crystal Picasso
1-08-14415   8mm Firepolish Dark Bronze
1-08-2398   8mm Firepolish Jet
1-08-6021   8mm Firepolish Light Teal
1-08-LR6001   8mm Firepolish Lustre Iris Aqua
1-08-LR5080   8mm Firepolish Lustre Iris Chryso
1-08-P15726   8mm Firepolish Lustre Op Amethyst
1-08-P65431   8mm Firepolish Lustre Op Green
1-08-P65491   8mm Firepolish Lustre Op Rose/Gold Topaz
1-08-14413   8mm Firepolish Lustre Trans Champagne
1-08-5695   8mm Firepolish Lustre Trans Gold/Smokey Topaz
1-08-14495   8mm Firepolish Lustre Trans Rosaline
1-08-B15695   8mm Firepolish Metalic Gold Topaz
1-08-3033   8mm Firepolish Montana Blue
1-08-63130   8mm Firepolish Op Turquoise
1-08-6313   8mm Firepolish Op Turquoise Picasso
1-08-1023   8mm Firepolish Smokey Topaz
1-08-w0003   8mm Firepolish Twilight Crystal
AAA399   8mm Fluorite Strands
ABB701   8mm Fossil Jasper Strands
AAA375   8mm Garnet Strands
ABB209-8mm   8mm Glass Pearl Strands
ABB745   8mm Golden Ocean Jasper Strands
ABB559   8mm Goldstone Bead Strands
8mm-Graphic-Feldspar-TB   8mm Graphic Feldspar
AAA690   8mm Grass Green Aqua Terra Jasper
AAA134   8mm Gray Wood Bead Strands
AAA378   8mm Green Apatite Strands
AAA672   8mm Green Aqua Terra Jasper
ABB311   8mm Green Aventurine Strands
8mm-Green-Jade-Strands   8mm Green Jade Strands
ABB544   8mm Green Onyx Strands
ABB389   8mm Grey Aura Quartz
AAA504   8mm Grey Lava Stone
12-8mm   8mm Grey Matte Glass Bead Strands
AAA072   8mm Grey Opal
8mm-Hawks-Eye-Strands-TB   8mm Hawks Eye Strands
AAA501   8mm Howlite Round Beads
ABB694   8mm Impression Jasper Large Hole Beads - Short Strand
ABB554   8mm Jet Bead Strands
AAA388   8mm Kambaba Jasper Strands
AAA060   8mm Kashgar Garnet Strands
8mm-Labradorite-Hand-Knotted-N   8mm Labradorite Hand Knotted Necklace
AAA054   8mm Labradorite Round Beads
8mm-Laguna-Lace-Agate-Strands   8mm Laguna Lace Agate Strands
ABB479   8mm Lapis Lazuli Strands
8mm-Large-Hole-Brown-Iris   8mm Large Hole Brown Iris Freshwater Pearls - Short Strand
AAA424   8mm Larkvite Strands
AAA036   8mm Lava Stone
AAA514   8mm Lepidolite Strands
ABB121   8mm Light Sea Green Matte Glass Bead Strands
ABB120   8mm Light Sky Blue Matte Glass Bead Strands
AAA131   8mm Lime Green and Gold Czech Glass Beads
P181-01-8mm   8mm Lodolite Strands
ABB757   8mm Magnesite Large Hole Beads - Short Strand
8mm-Magnesite-02L   8mm Magnesite Strands - Blue
ABB727   8mm Magnesite Strands - Crimson
AAA318   8mm Magnesite Strands - Deep Sky Blue
8mm-Magnesite-02K   8mm Magnesite Strands - Fuchsia
8mm-Magnesite-02I   8mm Magnesite Strands - Gold
AAA307   8mm Magnesite Strands - Light Sky Green
8mm-Magnesite-02B   8mm Magnesite Strands - Lime Green
8mm-Magnesite-02P   8mm Magnesite Strands - Multi Color
AAA306   8mm Magnesite Strands - Off White
8mm-Magnesite-02G   8mm Magnesite Strands - Orange
8mm-Magnesite-02O   8mm Magnesite Strands - Purple
31-8mm   8mm Marine Blue Matte Glass Bead Strands
AAA167   8mm Matte African Bloodstone
AAA486   8mm Matte African Turquoise Round Beads
AAA556   8mm Matte African White Opal Strands
AAA093   8mm Matte Amazonite Strands
AAA519   8mm Matte Amazonite Strands
8mm-matte-amethyst   8mm Matte Amethyst Strands
AAA008   8mm Matte Amethyst Strands
AAA550   8mm Matte Apatite Strands
ABB492   8mm Matte Beryl
AAA544   8mm Matte Black Onyx Strands
8mm-Matte-Bloodstone-Strands   8mm Matte Bloodstone Strands
AAA588   8mm Matte Blue Agate Strands
8mm-Matte-Blue-Quartz   8mm Matte Blue Quartz
AAA670   8mm Matte Blue Tigers Eye Strands
8mm-Matte-Botswana-Agate-TB   8mm Matte Botswana Agate Strands
ABB706   8mm Matte Bronzite Strands
AAA160   8mm Matte Carnelian Strands
AAA009   8mm Matte Chevron Amethyst Strands
AAA076   8mm Matte Cloudy Quartz Strands
AAA064   8mm Matte Cobra Jasper Strands
AAA461   8mm Matte Crazy Lace Agate Strands
8mm-Matte-Dalmation-Jasper-TB   8mm Matte Dalmation Jasper Strands
ABB601   8mm Matte Dyed Dark Lavender Jade Strands
ABB683   8mm Matte Dyed Dark Purple Jade Strands
ABB579   8mm Matte Dyed Fuschia Jade Strands
ABB613   8mm Matte Dyed Green Marble Jade Strands
ABB553   8mm Matte Dyed Light Lavender Jade Strands
ABB593   8mm Matte Dyed Magenta Jade Strands
ABB576   8mm Matte Dyed Red Jade Strands
AAA138   8mm Matte Ebony Wood Bead Strands
AAA491   8mm Matte Etched Black Onyx Strands
8mm-Matte-Fossil-Coral-Strands   8mm Matte Fossil Coral Strands
AAA007   8mm Matte Fossil Jasper Strands
AAA023   8mm Matte Gray Agate Strands
AAA135   8mm Matte Gray Wood Bead Strands
AAA539   8mm Matte Green Apatite Strands
AAA001   8mm Matte Green Aqua Terra Jasper
8mm-Matte-Green-Aventurine-Str   8mm Matte Green Aventurine Strands
8mm-Matte-Green-Opal   8mm Matte Green Opal
AAA516   8mm Matte Green Striped Agate Strands
AAA030   8mm Matte Greige Dyed Jade Strands
AAA048   8mm Matte Grey Opal
Q933-8mm-08   8mm Matte Hematite - Blue Green
Q933-8mm-07   8mm Matte Hematite - Gold
Q933-8mm-04   8mm Matte Hematite - Purple
AAA409   8mm Matte Howlite Strands
AAA710   8mm Matte Labradorite Round Beads
8mm-Matte-Laguna-Lace-Agate-St   8mm Matte Laguna Lace Agate Strands
AAA361   8mm Matte Lapis Lazuli Strands
ABB170   8mm Matte Larkvite
64-8-11   8mm Matte Mookaite Strands
AAA492   8mm Matte Moss Tree Agate Strands
8mm-Matte-New-Jade-Strands   8mm Matte New Jade Strands
AAA037   8mm Matte Non Magnetic Dark Grey Hematite Strands
ABB695   8mm Matte Picture Jasper Large Hole Beads - Short Strand
8mm-Matte-Picture-Jasper-Stran   8mm Matte Picture Jasper Strands
ABB162   8mm Matte Pink Calcite Strands
AAA006   8mm Matte Pink Opal Strands
AAA463   8mm Matte Prehnite Strands
8mm-Matte-Rainforest-Jasper-TB   8mm Matte Rainforest Jasper Strands
AAA529   8mm Matte Red Creek Jasper Strands
AAA346   8mm Matte Red Tigers Eye Strands
64-8-4   8mm Matte Rhodochrosite Strands
ABB430   8mm Matte Rhodonite with Matrix
8mm-Matte-Rocky-Butte-JasperTB   8mm Matte Rocky Butte Jasper Strands
ABB159   8mm Matte Rose Quartz
8mm-Matte-Sea-Blue-Aqua-TB   8mm Matte Sea Blue Aqua Terra Jasper
ABB483   8mm Matte Snowflake Obsidian
ABB155   8mm Matte Sodalite Strands
AAA069   8mm Matte Strawberry Quartz Strands
AAA390   8mm Matte Strawberry Quartz Strands
8mm-Matte-Sunset-Dumorterite-   8mm Matte Sunset Dumorterite Strands
AAA386   8mm Matte Tigers Eye Strands
ABB172   8mm Matte Turquoise Blue Howlite Strands
8mm-Matte-Unakite-Strands   8mm Matte Unakite Strands
8mm-white-matte   8mm Matte White Wood Bead Strands
AAA005   8mm Matte Yellow Opal Strands
25-8mm   8mm Medium Purple Matte Glass Bead Strands
P075-06-8mm   8mm Mexico Snowflake Obisidian
ABB367   8mm Mint Green Mother of Pearl Strands
AAA046   8mm Morganite Strands
AAA669   8mm Moss Agate Strands
AAA025   8mm Natural Flower Jade Strands
334-8mm-07   8mm Natural Lemon Jade Strands
AAA465   8mm Natural Mauve Jade Strands
AAA443   8mm Natural White Jade Strands
ABB562   8mm Natural White Jade Strands
AAA515   8mm New Jade Strands
AAA182   8mm Non Magnetic Hematite Strands
Q933-8mm-02   8mm Non Magnetic Matte Hematite Copper
Q933-8mm-01   8mm Non Magnetic Matte Hematite Peacock
Q933-8mm-06   8mm Non Magnetic Matte Hematite Platinum
Q933-8mm-03   8mm Non Magnetic Matte Hematite Silver
AAA180   8mm Ocean Blue Aura Quartz
AAA034   8mm Off White Lava Stone
AAA079   8mm Off White Pearls
ABB267   8mm Olive Ghana Glass Beads
AAA115   8mm Olive Green and Gold Czech Glass Beads
8mm-Olive-Green-Jade-Hand-Knot   8mm Olive Green Jade Hand Knotted Necklace
AAA320   8mm Olive Green Mother of Pearl Strands
AAA369   8mm Olive Jade Strands
ABB100   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Camellia
Coral-DB28   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Coral
Dark-Cyan-DB43   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Dark Cyan
Dark-Red-DB61   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Dark Red
Deep-Sky-Blue-AAA038   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Deep Sky Blue
Deep-Sky-Blue-Opal-DB80   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Deep Sky Blue Opal
AAA522-DB69   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Lavender
Light-Sky-Blue-DB19   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Light Sky Blue
ABB737   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Lime
Medium-Aquamarine-DB9   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Medium Aquamarine
AAA303   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Medium Orchid
Medium-Orchid-Opal-DB55   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Medium Orchid Opal
AAA502   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Misty Rose
ABB604   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Olive Drab
Opal-Pink-DB4   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Opal Pink
Pearl-Pink-DB3   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Pearl Pink
ABB374   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Pink
ABB746   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Plum
AAA715-DB31   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Red
Saddle-Brown-AAA040   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Saddle Brown
ABB101   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Steel Blue
Yellow-DB20   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Yellow
AAA717   8mm Orange Aqua Terra Jasper
ABB427   8mm Orange Red Ghana Glass Beads
27-8mm   8mm Orange Red Matte Glass Bead Strands
ABB732   8mm Pale Green Matte Glass Bead Strands
ABB756   8mm Parral Dendritic Agate Bead Strands
AAA188   8mm Peach Moonstone Strands AAA Grade
ABB335   8mm Peach Mother of Pearl Strands

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