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AAA515   8mm New Jade Strands
AAA182   8mm Non Magnetic Hematite Strands
Q933-8mm-02   8mm Non Magnetic Matte Hematite Copper
Q933-8mm-01   8mm Non Magnetic Matte Hematite Peacock
Q933-8mm-06   8mm Non Magnetic Matte Hematite Platinum
Q933-8mm-03   8mm Non Magnetic Matte Hematite Silver
AAA180   8mm Ocean Blue Aura Quartz
AAA034   8mm Off White Lava Stone
AAA079   8mm Off White Pearls
ABB267   8mm Olive Ghana Glass Beads
AAA115   8mm Olive Green and Gold Czech Glass Beads
8mm-Olive-Green-Jade-Hand-Knot   8mm Olive Green Jade Hand Knotted Necklace
AAA320   8mm Olive Green Mother of Pearl Strands
AAA369   8mm Olive Jade Strands
ABB916   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Blue Violet
ABB100   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Camellia
ABB854   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Coral
ABB853   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Dark Cyan
ABB881   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Dark Red
AAA038   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Deep Sky Blue
AAA522   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Lavender
ABB868   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Light Sky Blue
ABB737   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Lime
ABB862   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Medium Aquamarine
AAA303   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Medium Orchid
ABB873   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Medium Orchid Opal
AAA502   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Misty Rose
ABB604   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Olive Drab
ABB356   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Opal Pink
ABB876   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Pearl Pink
ABB374   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Pink
ABB746   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Plum
AAA715   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Red
AAA040   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Saddle Brown
ABB858   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Sea Green
ABB101   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Steel Blue
ABB911   8mm Opalite Style Glass - White
ABB897   8mm Opalite Style Glass - Yellow
AAA717   8mm Orange Aqua Terra Jasper
ABB427   8mm Orange Red Ghana Glass Beads
ABB732   8mm Pale Green Matte Glass Bead Strands
ABB756   8mm Parral Dendritic Agate Bead Strands
AAA188   8mm Peach Moonstone Strands AAA Grade
ABB335   8mm Peach Mother of Pearl Strands
ABB308   8mm peach pearls
ABB912   8mm Pearl Pink Matte Glass Bead Strands
ABB523   8mm Petrified Wood Strands
AAA460   8mm Phantom Quartz Strands
AAA675   8mm Picasso Jasper Strands
ABB758   8mm Picture Jasper Strands
511-01-8mm   8mm Pink Aventurine Strands
ABC122   8mm Pink Botswana Agate Strands
ABB378   8mm Pink Mother of Pearl Strands
AAA376   8mm Pink Opal Strands
ABB941   8mm Pink Tourmaline Strands
AAA053   8mm Pink Zebra Jasper Strands
ABB612   8mm Prehnite Strands
ABB764   8mm Purple Aura Quartz
ABB307   8mm Purple Fluorite Strands
ABB337   8mm Purple Mother of Pearl Strands
AAA044   8mm Purple Rutilated Quartz Strands
ABB466   8mm Pyrite Bead Strands
8mm-Reconstituted-Turquoise-TB   8mm Reconstituted Turquoise Strands
AAA662   8mm Red Aqua Terra Jasper
8mm-Red-Aura-Quartz   8mm Red Aura Quartz
AAA417   8mm Red Crystal
AAA031   8mm Red Tigers Eye Strands
ABB954   8mm Rhodonite Strands
ABC117   8mm Robins Egg Blue Terra Jasper
ABB592   8mm Robles Wood Bead Strands
AAA270   8mm Rondelle Spacers
AAA524   8mm Rose Gold Plated Hematite
AAA432   8mm Rose Quartz
AAA680   8mm Rose Red Aqua Terra Jasper
AAA136   8mm Rose Wood Bead Strands
AAA181   8mm Round Opalite Bead Strands
ABB768   8mm Rudraksha Beads
ABB834   8mm Rudraksha Beads
AAA532   8mm Russian Serpentine
ABB827   8mm Selenite
ABB535   8mm Shungite Bead Strands
ABB537   8mm Silver Large Hole Freshwater Pearls
AAA527   8mm Silver Plated Hematite
AAA712   8mm Sky Blue Aqua Terra Jasper
AAA535   8mm Smokey Quartz Strands
ABB164   8mm Snowflake Obsidian
ABB156   8mm Sodalite Strands
AAA133   8mm Spring Green and Gold Czech Glass Beads
8mm-Strawberry-Aura-Quartz   8mm Strawberry Aura Quartz
AAA175   8mm Strawberry Quartz Strands
AAA552   8mm Sunstone Strands
ABB330   8mm Tan Mother of Pearl Strands
AAA447   8mm TeraHertz Strands
ABB327   8mm Tibetan Style Dzi Bead Agate Strands
ABB173   8mm Tigers Eye Strands
ABB867   8mm Tomato Matte Glass Bead Strands
ABB287   8mm Topaz Ghana Glass Beads
ABB325   8mm Tortoise Ghana Glass Beads
ABB484   8mm Tourmilated Quartz Strands
8mm-Unakite-Strands-TB   8mm Unakite Strands
AAA185   8mm Verdite African Jade Strands
AAA068   8mm White Aura Quartz
8mm-White-Howlite-Hand-Knotted   8mm White Howlite Hand Knotted Necklace
ABB122   8mm White Matte Glass Bead Strands
ABB419   8mm White Moonstone Strands
AAA561   8mm White Opal Strands
AAA141   8mm White Wood Bead Strands
AAA398   8mm Wood Bead Strands
AAA665   8mm Wood Strands for Mala
8mm-x-18mm-Pink-Stick-Pearls   8mm x 18mm Pink Stick Pearls
AAA150   8mm x 8mm Coral Strands
AAA666   8mm Yellow Aqua Terra Jasper
AAA360   8mm Yellow Moonstone Strands
F199-05-8mm   8mm Yellow Turquoise Strands
AAA500   8mm Zebra Jasper Strands
AAA083   8x10mm White Rabbit Jade Strands
AAA156   8x12mm Sodalite Strands
CZ203732   8x14mm Drops - Turquoise with Bronze
8x14mm-Morganite-Large-Hole-Be   8x14mm Morganite Large Hole Beads - Short Strand
nylong-mesh   9-10mm Black Nylon Mesh Tubing
9-10mm-Blue-Peacock-Large-Hole   9-10mm Blue Peacock Large Hole Freshwater Pearls - Short Strand
AAA573   9.5mm Flower Spacers
AAA122   9mm Central Cut - Aqua with Picasso
AAA256   9mm Daisy Spacers
250-09-90215   9mm Flat Square - Bronze
CZ203653   9mm Flowered Rondelle Czech Glass Beads
CH282   9mm Round Link Chain
ABB453   9x12mm Aqua AB Rondelle Crystals
ABB412   9x12mm Turqouise AB Rondelle Crystals
A-Day-at-the-Beach-Bracelet-Ki   A Day at the Beach Bracelet Kit
DU05MIX105   African Turquoise Super Duo
AAA356   Agate Nugget Strands
IAD126108-24B   ALKEME STRIP 18G 1/4X1-1/2 IN
IAD12614-24B   ALKEME TAG W/ HOLES 18G 1-5/8 INCH
All-a-Twitter-Earring-Kit   All a Twitter Earring Kit
9451060   Alphabet Beads
OB2401700   Aluminum Silver
DU0580020-14215   Amber Semi Bronze Luster Super Duo
DU0520060-22501   Amethyst Celsian Super Duo
Amethyst-Nugget-Strands   Amethyst Nugget Strands
Amor-Earring-Kit   Amor Earring Kit
94229661   Ankh
2.5x40ab   Antique Brass Plated Curved Tube
AAA292   Antique Bronze 10mm Flower Spacer Bead
AAA406   Antique Bronze 11mm Bead
AAA192   Antique Bronze Cube Bead
AAA266   Antique Bronze Green Buddha Bead
AAA266-bagged   Antique Bronze Green Buddha Bead
ABB140   Antique Bronze Hanger Bail
AAA415-bagged   Antique Bronze Heart in Circle Charm
AAA194-bagged   Antique Bronze Heart with Wings Charm
AAA574   Antique Bronze Leaf Toggle
AAA566   Antique Bronze Melon Bead
AAA287   Antique Bronze Open Heart Charm
AAA287-bagged   Antique Bronze Open Heart Charm
33AB   Antique Bronze Oval Ring
AAA332   Antique Bronze Oval Tibetan Style Rings
AAA191   Antique Bronze Rondelle Beads
AAA701   Antique Bronze Small Nugget Beads
AAA198-bagged   Antique Bronze Tiger Pendant
AAA222-bagged   Antique Bronze Tiny Star Charm
K110-26AB-NR-single   Antique Bronze Triangle Charms
MGN06ACP   Antique Copper 6mm Magnetic Clasp
AAA291-bagged   Antique Gold Large Hole Barrel Bead
AAA414-bagged   Antique Gold Leaf Toggle
F187-60ABG   Antique Green Metal Button
F187-09ABG   Antique Green Shell Pendant
DU05MIX132   Antique Lace Super Duo
Antique-Marquise-Earring-Kit   Antique Marquise Earring Kit
AAA145   Antique Silver 3 Hole Guru Bead Set
45776   Antique Silver 3 Hole Guru Beads
AAA246   Antique Silver 8mm x 6.5mm Bead
AAA217-bagged   Antique Silver Barrel Bead
AAA427-bagged   Antique Silver Baseball Charm
AAA571-bagged   Antique Silver Buddha Bead
AAA596-bagged   Antique Silver Clover Luck Charm
ABB988   Antique Silver Column Bead
AAA564   Antique Silver Cuboid Bead
ABB139   Antique Silver Flower Bead
AAA411   Antique Silver Hamsa Bead Frame
AAA200-bagged   Antique Silver Heart Charm
AAA213-bagged   Antique Silver Heart in Circle Charm
AAA283   Antique Silver Large Hole Barrel Beads
AAA294-bagged   Antique Silver Leaf Toggle
MGN06ASO   Antique Silver Plate 6mm Magnetic Clasp
AAA211   Antique Silver Rondelle Spacer Bead
AAA218   Antique Silver Rondelle Spacer Bead
AAA429   Antique Silver Rondelle Spacer Bead
AAA471   Antique Silver Rondelle Spacer Beads
AAA147   Antique Silver Sand Dollar Charm
AAA147-bagged   Antique Silver Sand Dollar Charm
ABB623-bagged   Antique Silver Star in Circle Charm
21211AS   Antique Silver Tibetan Style Arrow Pendants
DU0560020-27101   Aqua Capri Gold Super Duo Beads
DU0560020-22501   Aqua Celsian Super Duo Beads
DU0560020-86805   Aqua Dark Travertine Super Duo
DU0560020-43400   Aqua Picasso Super Duo
Aquamarine-Chips   Aquamarine Chips

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