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33   Aquattin Round Leather Cording
94-2530   Asian Coin Charm
94-2216   Awareness Ribbon
PL12   Bail Making Plier
PL42   Bail Making Plier
014   Bali Silver Embellished Earrings
ABB753   Bali Silver Embellished Earrings Large
94-6548-12   Bali Style Button
94-6569   Bamboo Button
Bare-Copper-Wire   Bare Copper Wire
AAA310   Barrel Knot Curved Tube
131   Beach Round Leather Cording
Beachy-Boho-Leather-and-Pearl-   Beachy Boho Leather and Pearl Necklace Kit
bead-mat   Bead Mats
AT7   Bead Scoops
BS44COMGO   Bead Stopper Combo
Bead-Together-Group-April   Bead Together Group - April 19th
Bead-Together-Group-feb-   Bead Together Group - February 16th
Bead-Together-Group-March   Bead Together Group - March 15th
JE0.5B-0025M   Beadalon Black Elastic .5mm - 25 metres
JE.05B-0005M   Beadalon Black Elastic .5mm - 5 metres
JE.1.0B-0005M   Beadalon Black Elastic 1.0mm - 5 metres
JE0.5T-0025M   Beadalon Elastic .5mm - 25 metres
JE.05T-0005M   Beadalon Elastic .5mm - 5 metres
JE.08T-0025M   Beadalon Elastic .8mm - 25 metres
JE.08T-0005M   Beadalon Elastic .8mm - 5 metres
JE1.OT-0025M   Beadalon Elastic 1.0mm - 25 metres
JE.1.0T-0005M   Beadalon Elastic 1.0mm - 5 metres
JE.08B-0005M   BeadalonBlack Elastic .8mm - 5 metres
Beaded-Bead-Bracelet-Class   Beaded Bead Bracelet Class March 7th
Y-necklace   Beaded Bolo Necklace with Slider Kit
Beaded-Celtic-Knot-Earrings-   Beaded Celtic Knot Earrings Class Feb 22nd
94-2195   Beaded Cross
260   Beads and Bauble Chain
ABB778   Believe Charms
S302-21AS   Believe in Yourself
S302-AS   Believe, Faith, Hope Charms
BPW6   Bench Pin with V-Slot Pin
PLR-480.50   Bent Chain Nose Plier
PL-668   Bent Chain Nose Plier - Beadsmith
PL136   Bent Nose Plier
PLR-275.50   Bent Nose Pliers - Ultra Ergo
64-Berry   Berry Metallic Round Leather Cording
LE2-4   Big Eye Needles
94-2178   Birch Leaf
94-6577   Bird in a Tree Button
Birds-Nest-Earring-Kit   Birds Nest Earring Kit
Bit-of-Bling-Earring-Kit   Bit of Bling Earring Kit
Black-3ply-Irish-Waxed-Linen   Black 3 Ply Irish Waxed Linen
Black-Onyx-Nugget-Strands   Black Onyx Nugget Strands
MGN07BO   Black Oxide Plate 6mm Magnetic Clasp
Black-Tourmaline-Chips   Black Tourmaline Chips
Bling-on-the-Leather-Bracelet   Bling on the Leather! Bracelet Kit
Blue-and-Brown-Barrel-Knot   Blue and Brown Barrel Knot Wrap Bracelet Kit
AAA489   Bollywood Purple 3x4mm Faceted Crystal
94561012   Bow Bead
PLR-840.00   Bracelet Bending Pliers
94-3055   Braided 3-1 Link
MGN06ABP   Brass 6mm Magnetic Clasp
brs-966.10   Brass Brush
20-0525-12   Brass Cable Chain - 10mm - Antique Silver
AAA298   Brass Core Oval Ring - Silver
AAA299   Brass Core Oval Ring - Silver
C019-Silver   Brass Core Oval Ring - Silver
OB2401740   Brass Gold
94-3189   Breathe Link
Brick-Stitch-Fan-Earring-Kit   Brick Stitch Fan Earring Kit
44-Bronze-Metallic   Bronze Metallic Round Leather Cording
AAA440-bagged   Buddha Charm
BAR-104AS   Buddha Slider for 10mm Leather
Butterscotch-3ply-Irish-Waxed-   Butterscotch 3 Ply Irish Waxed Linen
Button-Earring-Kit   Button Earring Kit
Caged-Rivoli-Earrings-Class   Caged Rivoli Earrings Class March 28th
364-25-98544   California Pink Super Duo Beads
Canary-and-Blue-Barrel-Knot-   Canary and Blue Barrel Knot Wrap Bracelet Kit
94234712   Candy Cane
CBB   Casual Bling Bracelet
AAA201-bagged   Cat with Crown Charm
AAA238-bagged   Celtic Button
Celtic-Charm-Box-Knot-Leather   Celtic Charm Box Knot Leather Bracelet Kit
Celtic-Double-Coin-Knot   Celtic Double Coin Knot Earring Kit
N0002-35   Celtic Flower Button
Celtic-Knot-Bracelet-Kit   Celtic Knot Bracelet Kit
94-6567   Celtic Knot Button
AAA230-bagged   Celtic Knot Charm
PUN-450.00   Center Punch
Chain-Lash-Bracelet-Kit   Chain Lash Bracelet Kit
PL139   Chain Nose Plier
PL-660   Chain Nose Plier - Beadsmith
PLR-275.00   Chain Nose Pliers - Ultra Ergo
Chakra-and-Lava-Necklace-Kit   Chakra and Lava Necklace Kit
DU0503000-29123   Chalk Full Apricot Super Duo
DU0503000-14494   Chalk Lilac Luster Super Duo Beads
DU0503000-43500   Chalk Rembrandt Super Duo
OB2403000   Chalk White
DU0503000   Chalk White Super Duo Beads
315-02   Champagne Yellow Faceted Dyed Malay Jade 3x2mm Abacus
Chandelier-Earring-Kit   Chandelier Earring Kit
53-Chandni-Metallic   Chandni Metallic Round Leather Cording
Charcoal-4-ply-Irish-Waxed-   Charcoal 4 ply Irish Waxed Linen
Charming-Dragonfly-Bracelet-Ki   Charming Dragonfly Bracelet Kit
Charming-Leather-Bracelet-Kit   Charming Leather Bracelet Kit
CH892   Chevron Flat Link Chain
KC98BLK-15   Chinese Knotting Cord .8mm Black
KC98DBR-15   Chinese Knotting Cord .8mm Dark Brown
KC08LBR-15   Chinese Knotting Cord .8mm Light Brown
KC08PUR-15   Chinese Knotting Cord .8mm Purple
KC08SIA-15   Chinese Knotting Cord .8mm Siam
KC08WHT-15   Chinese Knotting Cord .8mm White
DU0513600-43400   Chocolate Picasso Duo Beads
94235212   Christmas Angel
Christmas-bell-kit   Christmas Bell Earring Kit
94234912   Christmas Bells
AAA558   Christmas Green 8mmx10mm Faceted Crystal
94235312   Christmas Tree
94235112   Christmas Wreath
Chrysoprase-Chips   Chrysoprase Chips
42000   Circle and Oval Template Set
Citrine-Chips   Citrine Chips
Classic-Leather-and-Pearl-Brac   Classic Leather and Pearl Bracelet Kit
AAA410   Clear Plastic Earnuts 4mm x 6mm
46T684   Coated 6/0 - Transparent Neon Orange
46C691   Coated Lustre Opaque 6/0 - Carrot
46C627   Coated Lustre Opaque Seed Beads - 6/0 - Beige
46C682   Coated Lustre Opaque Seed Beads - 6/0 - Golden Brown
46C683   Coated Lustre Opaque Seed Beads - 6/0 - Moss Green
46T681   Coated Transparent 6/0 - Transparent Neon Green
46-T683   Coated Transparent Neon Yellow 6/0
46C601   Coated Transparent Seed Beads Size 6/0 - Champagne
46C604   Coated Transparent Seed Beads Size 6/0 - Lt. Green Aqua
AAA480   Cobalt Blue 4x6mm Faceted Crystal Rondelle
ABB802   Coconut Button
Coconut-Button-Necklace-Kit   Coconut Button Necklace Kit
ABB841   Coconut Leaf Button
CG100   Coiling Gizmo
316-07   Colorful Dyed Malay Jade 4x2mm Abacus
316-13   Colorful Dyed Malay Jade 4x2mm Abacus
47-C609   Colourlined 6/0 - Crystal Jet Lined
47-CDT692   Colourlined Dyed Terra 6/0 - Blue Aqua/Khaki
47-CDT686   Colourlined Dyed Terra 6/0 - Green/Pale Blue
OB2401750   Copper Bronze Fire Red
24724081   Copper Butterfly Copper Blank
55062   Copper Maple Leaf Copper Blank
MGN07CP   Copper Plate 6mm Magnetic Clasp
311-2   Coral 4mm Round White Jade Strands
AAA152   Coral Nugget Strands
Country-Red-4-ply-Irish-Waxed-   Country Red 4 ply Irish Waxed Linen
Country-Yellow-4-ply-Irish-Wax   Country Yellow 4 ply Irish Waxed Linen
Antique-Copper-Craft-Wire   Craft Wire - Antique Copper
Gold-Craft-Wire   Craft Wire - Gold
Craft-Wire-Rose-Gold   Craft Wire - Rose Gold
Silver-Plated-Craft-Wire   Craft Wire - Silver Plated
TI   Craft Wire - Titanium
VB   Craft Wire - Vintage Bronze
Crazy-Lace-Agate-Rondelle-Stra   Crazy Lace Agate Rondelle Strands
TCBASST20   Crimp Tubes
TCB20B-R   Crimp Tubes - Black Oxide
TCB20C-R   Crimp Tubes - Copper Plate
TCB20G-R   Crimp Tubes - Gold Plate
TCB20S-R   Crimp Tubes - Silver Plate
Crimped-Stacking-Bracelet-Kit   Crimped Stacking Bracelet Kit
PLCRIMP   Crimping Pliers
94-2406   Cross Charm
Cross-My-Heart-Earring-Kit   Cross My Heart Earring Kit
YC004   Crown Chakra
DU0500030-44863   Crystal Aquamarine Lined Super Duo
OB2400030-22201   Crystal Azuro
DU0500030-44836   Crystal Blue Lined Super Duo
DU0500030-01700   Crystal Bronze Aluminum Super Duo
DU0500030-01710   Crystal Bronze Pale Gold Super Duo Beads
OB2400030-27101   Crystal Capri Gold
DU0500030-22901   Crystal Clarit Super Duo Beads
OB2400030-98537   Crystal Graphite Rainbow
DU0500030-01670   Crystal Grey Rainbow Super Duo Beads
OB2400030-27001   Crystal Labrador
DU0500030-95100   Crystal Magic Blue Pink Super Duo Beads
DU0500030-95600   Crystal Magic Red Yellow Super Duo Beads
DU0500030-95000   Crystal Magic Violet Green Super Duo Beads
DU0500030-95400   Crystal Magic Yellow Brown Super Duo Beads
DU0500030-14413   Crystal Orange Luster Super Duo
OB2400030-98535   Crystal Orange Rainbow O Beads
DU0500030-01620   Crystal Orange Rainbow Super Duo Beads
DU0500030-43400   Crystal Picasso Super Duo Beads
DU0500030-44877   Crystal Pink Lined Super Duo Beads
AAA016   Crystal Quartz Chip Strands
Crystal-Quartz-Necklace-Kit   Crystal Quartz Necklace Kit
DU0500030-44893   Crystal Red Lined Super Duo Beads
DU0500030-14495   Crystal Red Luster Super Duo Beads
DU0500030-15695   Crystal Senegal Brown/Violet Super Duo Beads
311-7   Cyan 4mm Round White Jade Strands
Czech-Button-Necklace-Kit   Czech Button Necklace Kit
41-516-B2398   Czech Daggers 5x16mm Jet - Bronze Picasso
41-516-B15726   Czech Daggers 5x16mm Luster - Metallic Amethyst
41-516-65431   Czech Daggers 5x16mm Luster - Transparent Green
41-516-M14415   Czech Daggers 5x16mm Matte Dk Bronze
Matte-Red   Czech Daggers 5x16mm Matte Red
Matte-Watermelon   Czech Daggers 5x16mm Matte Watermelon
Metallic-Turquoise   Czech Daggers 5x16mm Metallic Turquoise
41-516-CT61310   Czech Daggers 5x16mm Milky Turq. Copper Picasso
41-516-T6313   Czech Daggers 5x16mm Opaque Turquoise Picasso

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