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BPW6   Bench Pin with V-Slot Pin
PLR-480.50   Bent Chain Nose Plier
PL-668   Bent Chain Nose Plier - Beadsmith
PLR-275.50   Bent Nose Pliers - Ultra Ergo
64-Berry   Berry Metallic Round Leather Cording
LE2-4   Big Eye Needles
94-2178   Birch Leaf
94-6577   Bird in a Tree Button
Birds-Nest-Earring-Kit   Birds Nest Earring Kit
Black-3ply-Irish-Waxed-Linen   Black 3 Ply Irish Waxed Linen
Black-Onyx-Nugget-Strands   Black Onyx Nugget Strands
MGN07BO   Black Oxide Plate 6mm Magnetic Clasp
Black-Tourmaline-Chips   Black Tourmaline Chips
Bling-on-the-Leather-Bracelet   Bling on the Leather! Bracelet Kit
Blue-and-Brown-Barrel-Knot   Blue and Brown Barrel Knot Wrap Bracelet Kit
AAA489   Bollywood Purple 3x4mm Faceted Crystal
94561012   Bow Bead
PLR-840.00   Bracelet Bending Pliers
94-3055   Braided 3-1 Link
MGN06ABP   Brass 6mm Magnetic Clasp
brs-966.10   Brass Brush
20-0525-12   Brass Cable Chain - 10mm - Antique Silver
20-0425   Brass Cable Chain - 6x4mm
AAA298   Brass Core Oval Ring - Silver
AAA299   Brass Core Oval Ring - Silver
C019-Silver   Brass Core Oval Ring - Silver
OB2401740   Brass Gold
94-3189   Breathe Link
Brick-Stitch-Fan-Earring-Kit   Brick Stitch Fan Earring Kit
44-Bronze-Metallic   Bronze Metallic Round Leather Cording
AAA440-bagged   Buddha Charm
BAR-104AS   Buddha Slider for 10mm Leather
Butterscotch-3ply-Irish-Waxed-   Butterscotch 3 Ply Irish Waxed Linen
Button-Earring-Kit   Button Earring Kit
AAA354   Cafe Au Lait AB 3x4mm Faceted Crystal
364-25-98544   California Pink Super Duo Beads
Canary-and-Blue-Barrel-Knot-   Canary and Blue Barrel Knot Wrap Bracelet Kit
94234712   Candy Cane
ABB338   Cascades of Copper Earring Kit
CBB   Casual Bling Bracelet
AAA201-bagged   Cat with Crown Charm
AAA238   Celtic Button
AAA238-bagged   Celtic Button
Celtic-Charm-Box-Knot-Leather   Celtic Charm Box Knot Leather Bracelet Kit
Celtic-Double-Coin-Knot   Celtic Double Coin Knot Earring Kit
N0002-35   Celtic Flower Button
Celtic-Knot-Bracelet-Kit   Celtic Knot Bracelet Kit
94-6567   Celtic Knot Button
AAA230-bagged   Celtic Knot Charm
PUN-450.00   Center Punch
Chain-Lash-Bracelet-Kit   Chain Lash Bracelet Kit
PLR-480.00   Chain Nose Plier
PL-660   Chain Nose Plier - Beadsmith
PLR-275.00   Chain Nose Pliers - Ultra Ergo
Chakra-and-Lava-Necklace-Kit   Chakra and Lava Necklace Kit
DU0503000-29123   Chalk Full Apricot Super Duo
DU0503000-14494   Chalk Lilac Luster Super Duo Beads
DU0503000-43500   Chalk Rembrandt Super Duo
OB2403000   Chalk White
DU0503000   Chalk White Super Duo Beads
315-02   Champagne Yellow Faceted Dyed Malay Jade 3x2mm Abacus
Chandelier-Earring-Kit   Chandelier Earring Kit
53-Chandni-Metallic   Chandni Metallic Round Leather Cording
Charcoal-4-ply-Irish-Waxed-   Charcoal 4 ply Irish Waxed Linen
Charming-Dragonfly-Bracelet-Ki   Charming Dragonfly Bracelet Kit
Charming-Leather-Bracelet-Kit   Charming Leather Bracelet Kit
CH892   Chevron Flat Link Chain
KC98BLK-15   Chinese Knotting Cord .8mm Black
KC98DBR-15   Chinese Knotting Cord .8mm Dark Brown
KC08LBR-15   Chinese Knotting Cord .8mm Light Brown
KC08PUR-15   Chinese Knotting Cord .8mm Purple
KC08SIA-15   Chinese Knotting Cord .8mm Sian
KC08WHT-   Chinese Knotting Cord .8mm White-15
DU0513600-43400   Chocolate Picasso Duo Beads
94235212   Christmas Angel
Christmas-bell-kit   Christmas Bell Earring Kit
94234912   Christmas Bells
AAA558   Christmas Green 8mmx10mm Faceted Crystal
94235312   Christmas Tree
94235112   Christmas Wreath
Chrysoprase-Chips   Chrysoprase Chips
42000   Circle and Oval Template Set
Citrine-Chips   Citrine Chips
AAA410   Clear Plastic Earnuts 4mm x 6mm
46T684   Coated 6/0 - Transparent Neon Orange
46C691   Coated Lustre Opaque 6/0 - Carrot
46C627   Coated Lustre Opaque Seed Beads - 6/0 - Beige
46C682   Coated Lustre Opaque Seed Beads - 6/0 - Golden Brown
46C683   Coated Lustre Opaque Seed Beads - 6/0 - Moss Green
46T681   Coated Transparent 6/0 - Transparent Neon Green
46-T683   Coated Transparent Neon Yellow 6/0
46C601   Coated Transparent Seed Beads Size 6/0 - Champagne
46C604   Coated Transparent Seed Beads Size 6/0 - Lt. Green Aqua
AAA480   Cobalt Blue 4x6mm Faceted Crystal Rondelle
CG100   Coiling Gizmo
316-07   Colorful Dyed Malay Jade 4x2mm Abacus
316-13   Colorful Dyed Malay Jade 4x2mm Abacus
47-C609   Colourlined 6/0 - Crystal Jet Lined
47-CDT692   Colourlined Dyed Terra 6/0 - Blue Aqua/Khaki
47-CDT686   Colourlined Dyed Terra 6/0 - Green/Pale Blue
OB2401750   Copper Bronze Fire Red
24724081   Copper Butterfly Copper Blank
11142   Copper Cord Ends
55062   Copper Maple Leaf Copper Blank
MGN07CP   Copper Plate 6mm Magnetic Clasp
92002   Copper Tongs
311-2   Coral 4mm Round White Jade Strands
AAA152   Coral Nugget Strands
Country-Red-4-ply-Irish-Waxed-   Country Red 4 ply Irish Waxed Linen
Country-Yellow-4-ply-Irish-Wax   Country Yellow 4 ply Irish Waxed Linen
Antique-Copper-Craft-Wire   Craft Wire - Antique Copper
Gold-Craft-Wire   Craft Wire - Gold
Craft-Wire-Rose-Gold   Craft Wire - Rose Gold
Silver-Plated-Craft-Wire   Craft Wire - Silver Plated
TI   Craft Wire - Titanium
VB   Craft Wire - Vintage Bronze
Crazy-Lace-Agate-Rondelle-Stra   Crazy Lace Agate Rondelle Strands
TCBASST20   Crimp Tubes
TCB20B-R   Crimp Tubes - Black Oxide
TCB20C-R   Crimp Tubes - Copper Plate
TCB20G-R   Crimp Tubes - Gold Plate
TCB20S-R   Crimp Tubes - Silver Plate
Crimped-Stacking-Bracelet-Kit   Crimped Stacking Bracelet Kit
PLCRIMP   Crimping Pliers
55005   Crocodile Saw Blade 2/0
94-2406   Cross Charm
YC004   Crown Chakra
DU0500030-44863   Crystal Aquamarine Lined Super Duo
OB2400030-22201   Crystal Azuro
DU0500030-44836   Crystal Blue Lined Super Duo
DU0500030-01700   Crystal Bronze Aluminum Super Duo
DU0500030-01710   Crystal Bronze Pale Gold Super Duo Beads
OB2400030-27101   Crystal Capri Gold
DU0500030-22901   Crystal Clarit Super Duo Beads
OB2400030-98537   Crystal Graphite Rainbow
DU0500030-01670   Crystal Grey Rainbow Super Duo Beads
OB2400030-27001   Crystal Labrador
DU0500030-95100   Crystal Magic Blue Pink Super Duo Beads
DU0500030-95600   Crystal Magic Red Yellow Super Duo Beads
DU0500030-95000   Crystal Magic Violet Green Super Duo Beads
DU0500030-95400   Crystal Magic Yellow Brown Super Duo Beads
DU0500030-14413   Crystal Orange Luster Super Duo
OB2400030-98535   Crystal Orange Rainbow O Beads
DU0500030-01620   Crystal Orange Rainbow Super Duo Beads
DU0500030-43400   Crystal Picasso Super Duo Beads
DU0500030-44877   Crystal Pink Lined Super Duo Beads
AAA016   Crystal Quartz Chip Strands
Crystal-Quartz-Necklace-Kit   Crystal Quartz Necklace Kit
DU0500030-44893   Crystal Red Lined Super Duo Beads
DU0500030-14495   Crystal Red Luster Super Duo Beads
DU0500030-15695   Crystal Senegal Brown/Violet Super Duo Beads
311-7   Cyan 4mm Round White Jade Strands
BRC36-23980   Czech Brick Beads Jet
53420   Czech Brick Beads Op. Olive
CRS310-LZ2398   Czech Crescent Beads - Dark Bronze
CRS310-L23980   Czech Crescent Beads - Hematite
CRS310-23980   Czech Crescent Beads - Jet
CRS310-LG23980   Czech Crescent Beads - Jet Bronze Picasso
CRS310-21415JT   Czech Crescent Beads - Jet Iris Brown
CRS310-21495JT   Czech Crescent Beads - Jet Iris Purple
CRS310-AK02010   Czech Crescent Beads - Luster Op Rose Gold Topaz
CRS310-AK00030   Czech Crescent Beads - Luster Rose Gold Topaz
CRS310-DS23980   Czech Crescent Beads - Matte Bronze Vega
CRS310-MLZ23980   Czech Crescent Beads - Matte Dark Bronze
CRS310-M23980   Czech Crescent Beads - Matte Jet
CRS310-K0175   Czech Crescent Beads - Matte Met Dark Copper
CRS310-79031MJT   Czech Crescent Beads - Metallic Suede Blue
CRS310-79021MJT   Czech Crescent Beads - Metallic Suede Purple
CRS310-LZ02010   Czech Crescent Beads - Opaque Luster Lilac
CRS310-65401AL   Czech Crescent Beads - Opaque Luster Picasso
CRS310-63130   Czech Crescent Beads - Turquoise
CRS310-LG63130   Czech Crescent Beads - Turquoise Bronze Picasso
41-516-B2398   Czech Daggers 5x16mm Jet - Bronze Picasso
41-516-B15726   Czech Daggers 5x16mm Luster - Metallic Amethyst
41-516-65431   Czech Daggers 5x16mm Luster - Transparent Green
41-516-M14415   Czech Daggers 5x16mm Matte Dk Bronze
Matte-Red   Czech Daggers 5x16mm Matte Red
Matte-Watermelon   Czech Daggers 5x16mm Matte Watermelon
Metallic-Turquoise   Czech Daggers 5x16mm Metallic Turquoise
41-516-CT61310   Czech Daggers 5x16mm Milky Turq. Copper Picasso
41-516-T6313   Czech Daggers 5x16mm Opaque Turquoise Picasso
41-516-BT6313   Czech Daggers 5x16mm Turq. Bronze Picasso
Czech-Glass-Bracelet-Kit   Czech Glass Bracelet Kit
94-6544   Czech Rosette
47-C632   Czech Seed Beads Colourlined 6/0 - Aqua Orange Lined
45-L650   Czech Seed Beads Iris 6/0 - Brown
45L634   Czech Seed Beads Iris 6/0 - Navy
45-L660   Czech Seed Beads Iris 6/0 - Purple
45L811   Czech Seed Beads Iris 8/0 - Crystal
45L856   Czech Seed Beads Iris 8/0 - Green
45-L840   Czech Seed Beads Iris 8/0 - Gunmetal
47-LC696   Czech Seed Beads Lustre Colourlined 6/0 - Superlined Purple
46LT658   Czech Seed Beads Lustre Terra Colourlined 6/0 - Olivine
47-LT660   Czech Seed Beads Lustre Terra Colourlined 6/0 - Violet
47-F661   Czech Seed Beads Matte 6/0 - Light Amethyst AB
47-F636   Czech Seed Beads Matte 6/0 - Trans. Aqua AB
47-F631   Czech Seed Beads Matte 6/0 - Trans. Lt. Amethyst
47-F654   Czech Seed Beads Matte 6/0 - Transparent AB Light Green
47-M670   Czech Seed Beads Metallic 6/0 - Gold
47-MMT634   Czech Seed Beads Metallic Matte Terra 6/0 - Dark Blue

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