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47-MMT660   Czech Seed Beads Metallic Matte Terra 6/0 - Purple
47-M692   Czech Seed Beads Metallic Soft Colour 6/0 - Brass
45-O609   Czech Seed Beads Opaque 6/0 - Black
45O633   Czech Seed Beads Opaque 6/0 - Blue Turquoise
45-O655   Czech Seed Beads Opaque 6/0 - Dark Green
45-O654   Czech Seed Beads Opaque 6/0 - Green Turquoise
45-O638   Czech Seed Beads Opaque 6/0 - Light Green
45-O604   Czech Seed Beads Opaque 6/0 - Light Orange
45-O602   Czech Seed Beads Opaque 6/0 - Light Red
45-O615   Czech Seed Beads Opaque 6/0 - Light Yellow
45-O605   Czech Seed Beads Opaque 6/0 - Orange
45-O622   Czech Seed Beads Opaque 6/0 - Red
45-O635   Czech Seed Beads Opaque 6/0 - Royal
45-O601   Czech Seed Beads Opaque 6/0 - White
45O809   Czech Seed Beads Opaque 8/0 - Black
45-O833   Czech Seed Beads Opaque 8/0 - Blue Turquoise
45-O807   Czech Seed Beads Opaque 8/0 - Brown
45O856   Czech Seed Beads Opaque 8/0 - Green
45O838   Czech Seed Beads Opaque 8/0 - Light Green
45O804   Czech Seed Beads Opaque 8/0 - Light Orange
45O802   Czech Seed Beads Opaque 8/0 - Light Red
45O815   Czech Seed Beads Opaque 8/0 - Light Yellow
45O831   Czech Seed Beads Opaque 8/0 - Mauve
45-O822   Czech Seed Beads Opaque 8/0 - Red
45O801   Czech Seed Beads Opaque 8/0 - White
45P820   Czech Seed Beads Pearlized 8/0 - Pink
45P889   Czech Seed Beads Pearlized 8/0 - Shell
45P801   Czech Seed Beads Pearlized 8/0 - White
46-S632   Czech Seed Beads Silverlined (Square Hole) 6/0 - Aqua
46S639   Czech Seed Beads Silverlined (Square Hole) 6/0 - Light Green
46S880   Czech Seed Beads Silverlined (Square Hole) 8/0 - Crystal
46-T601   Czech Seed Beads Transparent 6/0 - Crystal
46-T623   Czech Seed Beads Transparent 6/0 - Dark Red
47-CDT683   Czech Seed Beads Transparent 6/0 - Dark Red
46-T657   Czech Seed Beads Transparent 6/0 - Teal
66-BT6015   CzechMates Bronze Picasso Teal Tile Bead 6mm
66-BT313   CzechMates Bronze Picasso Turquoise Tile Bead 6mm
66-90215   CzechMates Bronze Tile Bead 6mm
66-MD0003   CzechMates Crystal Moon Dust Tile Bead 6mm
66-MD13070   CzechMates French Beige Moon Dust Tile Bead 6mm
66-GM5023   CzechMates Gold Marbled Olive Tile Bead 6mm
66-GM9010   CzechMates Gold Marbled Ruby Tile Bead 6mm
66-29272   CzechMates Halo Burnt Umber Tile Bead 6mm
66-PT29259   CzechMates Halo Cherub Tile Bead 6mm
250-66-14400   CzechMates Hematite Tile Bead 6mm
66-MD53200   CzechMates Honeydew Moondust Tile Bead 6mm
66-BT2398   CzechMates Jet Bronze Picasso Tile Bead 6mm
66-2398   CzechMates Jet Tile Bead 6mm
66-LR52060   CzechMates Luster Iris Atlantis Green Tile Bead 6mm
66-M14400   CzechMates Matte Hematite Tile Bead 6mm
66-T0003   CzechMates Matte Crystal Picasso Tile Bead 6mm
66-2006   CzechMates Medium Amethyst Tile Bead 6mm
66-79080   CzechMates Metallic Suede Gold Tile Bead 6mm
250-66-3033   CzechMates Montana Blue Tile Bead 6mm
66-P15726   CzechMates Opaque Amethyst Lustre Tile Bead 6mm
250-66-13010   CzechMates Opaque LT Beige Tile Bead 6mm
66-MD53420   CzechMates Opaque Olive Moondust Tile Bead 6mm
66-TB9320   CzechMates Opaque Red Black Picasso Tile Bead 6mm
66-9320   CzechMates Opaque Red Tile Bead 6mm
250-66-15768   CzechMates Oxidized Bronze Clay Tile Bead 6mm
250-66-25001   CzechMates Pearl Coat Snow Tile Bead 6mm
66-T63100   CzechMates Picasso Opaque Pale Turquoise Tile Bead 6mm
66-94104   CzechMates Polychrome Aqua Teal Tile Bead 6mm
66-94102   CzechMates Polychrome Orchid Aqua Tile Bead 6mm
66-SL0003   CzechMates Silver Lined Crystal Tile Bead 6mm
66-2700   CzechMates Silver Tile Bead 6mm
66-W5050   CzechMates Twilight Peridot Tile Bead 6mm
66-13610   CzechMates Umber Tile Bead 6mm
Dark-Chocolate-3-ply-Irish-Wax   Dark Chocolate 3 ply Irish Waxed Linen
Dark-Forest-Green-4-ply-Irish-   Dark Forest Green 4 ply Irish Waxed Linen
Dark-Green-3-Ply-Irish-Waxed-   Dark Green 3 Ply Irish Waxed Linen
315-11   Dark Orchid Faceted Dyed Malay Jade 3x2mm Abacus
DU0530090-86805   Dark Sapphire Travertine Super Duo Beads
AAA547   Dark Teal 5mmx8mm Faceted Crystal
AAA510   Dark Teal 8mmx10mm Faceted Crystal
94-2194   Decorative Cross
315-01   Deep Pink Faceted Dyed Malay Jade 3x2mm Abacus
Delicate-Pearl-Beading-Chain-N   Delicate Pearl Beading Chain Necklace Kit
5012   Designer French Earwire with Loop
BR500   Diamond Bit Bead Reamer
Diamonds-in-the-Rough-Bracelet   Diamonds in the Rough Bracelet Kit
DC100   Digital Caliper
Dimple-Disk-Slider-for-10mm-Le   Dimple Disk Slider for 10mm Leather
24724101   Dog Bone Copper Blank
LPUNCH1   Double Hole Punch
AAA255   Double Sided Message Pendant
94-6573   Dragonfly Button
AAA207   Dragonfly Charms
Q061-41   Dragonfly Charms
AAA687   Dried Lotus Seed Strands - 108 beads
94-2183   Drop Floating Lotus
E6018   E-6000 Glue
94-6578   Earth Button
Easy-Chain-Earring-Kit   Easy Chain Earring Kit
Easy-Embellished-Beading-Chain   Easy Embellished Beading Chain Necklace Kit
ABB141   Easy Embellished Leather Necklace Kit
Easy-Mens-Bracelet-Kit   Easy Mens Bracelet Kit
Easy-Swarovski-Rivoli-Kit   Easy-Swarovski-Rivoli-Kit
EFW01430STL   Econo Flex Fine
EFW01930STL   Econo Flex Medium
DU0550720   Emerald Super Duo Beads
94303812   Eternity Link
94-2504   Evil Eye Charm
79010200   Eyelet Setter
EZB1   EZ Bracelet Sizer
AAA282   Faceted Gold Beads
AAA260   Faceted Oval Bead - Antique Bronze
AAA281   Faceted Silver Beads
AAA209   Faith Charms
BOB72093   Faith Hope and Love Charm
Fall-Leaves-Button-Earring-Kit   Fall Leaves Button Earring Kit
Feather-Copper-Blank   Feather Copper Blank
ABB315   Filigree LInks Earring Kit
AAA047   Fire Agate Chips
SC7097   Fiskars Micro Tip Scissors
BAR-203AS   Flat Frame Charmholder Slider for 10mm Leather
CL-MC12   Flat Heart Magnetic Clasp
Flat-Lava-Square-Strands   Flat Lava Square Strands
PLR-480.05   Flat Nose Plier
PLR-275.05   Flat Nose Pliers - Ultra Ergo
ABB386   Flat Round Antique Bronze Rings
94-2192   Fleur Cross
AAA239-bagged   Flourish Button
AAA236   Flower Buttons
AAA236-bagged   Flower Buttons
94-6570   Flower of Life Button
Flower-Patterned-Buttons   Flower Patterned Buttons
Flower-Power-Bracelet-Kit   Flower Power Bracelet Kit
Flower-Slider-for-10mm-Leather   Flower Slider for 10mm Leather
AAA293-bagged   Flower Toggle
DU05MIX119   Formal Affair Super Duo
CZ203594   Fossil - Brown Transparent with Dark Bronze Wash
5001   French Earwire w/2mm Ball
acrylic-leaves   Frosted Acrylic Leaves
94235512   Frosty The Snowman
Fruit-of-the-Vine-Earring-Kit   Fruit of the Vine Earring Kit
Fuschia-4-Ply-Irish-Waxed-Line   Fuschia 4 Ply Irish Waxed Linen
Garnet-Chips   Garnet Chips
GDS09   Gel Du Soleil
94235412   Gingerbread Man
AAA233-bagged   Glue on Bails
AAA295   Gold Lobster Clasps
MGN07GP   Gold Plate 6mm Magnetic Clasp
2.5x40gold   Gold Plated Curved Tube
AAA569   Gold Plated Earwires
DU0502010-24106   Gold Shine Brick Red Duo Beads
DU0502010-24108   Gold Shine Dark Cyan Duo Beads
DU0502010-24105   Gold Shine Dark Green Duo Beads
DU0502010-24103   Gold Shine Dark Olive Duo Beads
DU0502010-24109   Gold Shine Minium Duo Beads
DU0502010-24104   Gold Shine Ochre Duo Beads
DU0502010-24102   Gold Shine Orange Duo Beads
DU0502010-24110   Gold Shine Orchid Duo Beads
DU0502010-24107   Gold Shine Saddle Brown Duo Beads
DU0502010-24101   Gold Shine Yellow Sun Duo Beads
D356-G-single   Gold Triangle Charms
golden-ticket   Golden Ticket - Tucson Event! February 22nd
ABB265   Grade A Crystal Quartz Nugget Strands
AAA352   Graduated Turquoise Nugget Strands
AAA494   Gray 5mmx8mm Faceted Crystal
Green-and-Grey-Barrel-Knot   Green and Grey Barrel Knot Wrap Bracelet Kit
Green-Boulder-Opal-Nugget-Stra   Green Boulder Opal Nugget Strands
47-Grey   Grey Metallic Round Leather Cording
BCSA   Griffen Silk Cord Amethyst
BCSBG   Griffen Silk Cord Beige
BCSBK   Griffen Silk Cord Black
BCSBL   Griffen Silk Cord Blue
BCSBR   Griffen Silk Cord Brown
BCSCR   Griffen Silk Cord Coral
BCSCN   Griffen Silk Cord Cornelian
BCSDB   Griffen Silk Cord Dark Blue
BCSDP   Griffen Silk Cord Dark Pink
BCSGY   Griffen Silk Cord Grey
BCSJA   Griffen Silk Cord Jade
BCSLP   Griffen Silk Cord Light Pink
BCSLI   Griffen Silk Cord Lilac
BCSRD   Griffen Silk Cord Red
BCSTQ   Griffen Silk Cord Turquoise
BCSWH   Griffen Silk Cord White
BTC20   GS Hypo Glue
HAM   Half Dome Chasing Hammer
Half-Hitch-3-Wrap-Bracelet-Kit   Half Hitch 3 Wrap Bracelet Kit
CW21HR-CP-7   Half Round Wire - Copper 21 gauge
CW21HR-GL-4   Half Round Wire - Gold 21 gauge
CW21HR-SL-4   Half Round Wire - Silver 21 gauge
PWHRT   Half Round Wire - Titanium 21 gauge
CW21HR-VW-7   Half Round Wire - Vintage Bronze 21 gauge
SHG-K20   Hamilton Gold Bar Pendant
SHG-K10   Hamilton Gold Chandelier Connector
SHG-K5   Hamilton Gold Flat Oval Ring
SHG-K22   Hamilton Gold Oblong Circle Pendant
MB2292AS   Hammered 3 Part Connector
Hammered-Cap-Earring-Kit   Hammered Cap Earring Kit
MB2153   Hammered Diamond Connector
MB2152   Hammered Round Connector
MB2255   Hammered Teardrop Pendant
94232812   Hamsa Pendant
FIL-110.20   Hand Cut 2 6" File
hand   Handcuffs
AAA286   Handmade Indonesian Elephant Bead

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