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BCSBL   Griffen Silk Cord Blue
BCSBR   Griffen Silk Cord Brown
BCSCR   Griffen Silk Cord Coral
BCSCN   Griffen Silk Cord Cornelian
BCSDB   Griffen Silk Cord Dark Blue
BCSDP   Griffen Silk Cord Dark Pink
BCSGY   Griffen Silk Cord Grey
BCSJA   Griffen Silk Cord Jade
BCSLP   Griffen Silk Cord Light Pink
BCSLI   Griffen Silk Cord Lilac
BCSRD   Griffen Silk Cord Red
BCSTQ   Griffen Silk Cord Turquoise
BCSWH   Griffen Silk Cord White
BTC20   GS Hypo Glue
F07   Half AB Dark Cyan 3x2mm Faceted Crystal
HAM   Half Dome Chasing Hammer
CW21HR-CP-7   Half Round Wire - Copper 21 gauge
CW21HR-GL-4   Half Round Wire - Gold 21 gauge
CW21HR-SL-4   Half Round Wire - Silver 21 gauge
PWHRT   Half Round Wire - Titanium 21 gauge
CW21HR-VW-7   Half Round Wire - Vintage Bronze 21 gauge
SHG-K20   Hamilton Gold Bar Pendant
SHG-K10   Hamilton Gold Chandelier Connector
SHG-K5   Hamilton Gold Flat Oval Ring
SHG-K35   Hamilton Gold Long Rectangle Bead Frame
SHG-K22   Hamilton Gold Oblong Circle Pendant
SHG-K38   Hamilton Gold Rectangle Bead Frame
Hammered-Cap-Earring-Kit   Hammered Cap Earring Kit
MB2153   Hammered Diamond Connector
MB2152   Hammered Round Connector
94232812   Hamsa Pendant
FIL-110.20   Hand Cut 2 6" File
hand   Handcuffs
AAA286   Handmade Indonesian Elephant Bead
AAA286-bagged   Handmade Indonesian Elephant Bead
Hanging-Hearts-Earring-Kit   Hanging Hearts Earring Kit
945120   Happy Face Bead
Have-My-Heart-Leather-Necklace   Have My Heart Leather Necklace Kit
94511560   Heart Bead
AAA237   Heart Button
AAA416-bagged   Heart Button - antique bronze
AAA237-bagged   Heart Button - silver
YC002   Heart Chakra
94229012   Heart Lock
AAA223   Heart with Hearts Charm
AAA223-bagged   Heart with Hearts Charm
AAA224   Heart with Wings Charm
AAA224-bagged   Heart with Wings Charm
Heat-Treated-Crystal-Quartz-Ba   Heat Treated Crystal Quartz Barrels
OB2423980-14400   Hematite
HEMP4100   Hemp Cord - 10lb test - Neutral Colors
HEMP20BK   Hemp Cord - 20lb test - Black
HEMP4240   Hemp Cord - 20lb test - Bright Colors
HEMP20BR   Hemp Cord - 20lb test - Brown
HEMP20Nat   Hemp Cord - 20lb test - Natural
HEMP4280   Hemp Cord - 20lb test - Onyx Shades
HEMP4230   Hemp Cord - 20lb test - Pastel Colors
HEMP4250   Hemp Cord - 20lb test - Spring Colors
HEMP4255   Hemp Cord - 20lb test - Topaz Shades
HEMP4245   Hemp Cord - 20lb test - Vintage Colors
HEMP4300   Hemp Cord 10, 20, 36, 48 test - Natural
HEMP4275   Hemp Cord 20lb Bronze Shades
008   Hexagon Storage Container
Hidden-Os-Bracelet-March-23rd   Hidden O's Bracelet Class March 23rd
Hip-To-Be-Squared-March-16th   Hip To Be Squared - March 16th
HC0633030   Honeycomb Beads BTurq Opaque
HC063030-43400   Honeycomb Beads BTurq Picasso
HC0633030-14400   Honeycomb Beads BTurq Shimmer
HC0603000-14413   Honeycomb Beads Chalk Beige
HC0633030-65431   Honeycomb Beads Chalk Lazure Blue
HC0603050-86805   Honeycomb Beads Chalk OK Travertine
HC060030-28701   Honeycomb Beads Crystal AB
HC0600030-26441   Honeycomb Beads Crystal Amber
HC0600030-90215   Honeycomb Beads Crystal Bronze
HC0600030-22901   Honeycomb Beads Crystal Clarit
HC060030-27000   Honeycomb Beads Crystal Fall Labrador
HC060030-98537   Honeycomb Beads Crystal Graphite Rainbow
HC060030-98530   Honeycomb Beads Crystal Silver Rainbow
HC0600030-26440   Honeycomb Beads Full Amber
HC0623980-14400   Honeycomb Beads Gunmetal
HC0623980   Honeycomb Beads Jet
HC0623980-14415   Honeycomb Beads Jet Bronze
HC0623980-43400   Honeycomb Beads Jet Picasso
HC060030-14257   Honeycomb Beads Lt Green Luster
HC0633030-15464M   Honeycomb Beads Matte Blue Luster
HC060030-22901M   Honeycomb Beads Matte Clarit
HC062010-94100   Honeycomb Beads Motley Copper Ombre
HC06205033   Honeycomb Beads Pastel Petrol
HC0633050-14400   Honeycomb Beads Royal Blue Luster
HC0633050-43400   Honeycomb Beads Royal Blue Picasso
HC0633050-86805   Honeycomb Beads Royal Dark Travertine
HC0690080-14400   Honeycomb Beads Ruby Luster
HC0690080   Honeycomb Beads Ruby Trans
HC0620500-14215   Honeycomb Beads Semi Bronze Luster
HC0610060-15695   Honeycomb Beads Topaz Bronze Picasso
HC0603000-14400   Honeycomb Beads White Luster
Hootie-Earring-Kit   Hootie Earring Kit
AAA208   Hope Charms
AAA289   Hope Ribbon Charm
Horse-Button   Horse Button
AAA250   Horse Eye Charm - Antique Gold
AAA249   Horse Eye Charm - Antique Silver
AAA436   Horse Eye Hammered Silver Rings
Horse-Eye-Hammered-Silver-Ring   Horse Eye Hammered Silver Rings
AAA300   Horse Eye Rings
AAA300-bagged   Horse Eye Rings - 2 colours
94228112   Horseshoe
DU0590030-14400   Hyacinth White Luster Super Duo
P101.-1.1   ImpressArt┬« Stamp Enamel
94317818   Infinity Centerpiece
94-3167-12   Infinity Link
Intermix-Leather-Earrings-Kit   Intermix Leather Earrings Kit
AAA570-bagged   It Is What It Is Charm
OB2463140-43400   Jade Picasso
OB2423980   Jet
23980-26443   Jet Amber Pip Bead
23980-22203   Jet Azuro Pip Bead
OB2423980-14415   Jet Bronze
DU0523980-14415   Jet Bronze Super Duo
DU0523980-98547   Jet California Graphite Super Duo
DU0523980-98550   Jet California Silver Super Duo
36425B29123   Jet Full Apricot Super Duo Beads
DU0523980-21155   Jet Green Iris Matte Super Duo Beads
DU0523980-21455   Jet Green Iris Super Duo Beads
DU0523980-14400   Jet Hematite Super Duo Beads
23980-27000   Jet Lab Pip Bead
DU0523980-84110   Jet Matte Super Duo Beads
DU0523980-79031   Jet Metallic Blue Suede Super Duo
DU0523980-79021   Jet Metallic Suede Purple Super Duo
DU0523980-43400   Jet Picasso Super Duo Beads
23980   Jet Pip Bead
DU0523980   Jet Super Duo Beads
23980-15726   Jet Vega Pip Bead
JT20BK5   Jewelry Tube - Black
JT20CL5   Jewelry Tube - Clear
52-Kansa-Metallic   Kansa Metallic Round Leather Cording
94227012   Key
October-17th   Knotted Style
GW200   Kumi Weight Lite
94232612   Labyrinth
AAA285   Large 36mm Lobster Clasp
AAA538   Large Amethyst Chip Strands
PL50   Large Bracelet Making Pliers
AAA327-bagged   Large Corner Flourish Buttons
Large-Flat-Oval-Persian-Aquama   Large Flat Oval Persian Aquamarine Strands
FDL   Large Fleur De Lis Pendant
AAA202   Large Hole Antique Gold Spacer Bead
AAA220   Large Hole Antique Silver Drum Bead
AAA252   Large Hole Metal Bead - Antique Bronze
AAA251   Large Hole Metal Bead - Antique Silver
Large-Marrakesh-Connector-AC   Large Marrakesh Connector Copper
Large-Marrakesh-Connector-Gold   Large Marrakesh Connector Gold
Large-Marrakesh-Connector-Silv   Large Marrakesh Connector Silver
Large-Nugget-Persian-Aquamarin   Large Nugget Persian Aquamarine Strands
N0002-02   Large Ornate Button
R065   Large Patina Ornate Pendant
Large-Picture-Jasper-Pendants   Large Picture Jasper Pendants
Large-Rose-Quartz-Pendants   Large Rose Quartz Pendants
637862   Large Textured Link Chain
Larimar-Chips   Larimar Chips
2226   Lava Chakra Bracelet with Buddha Head
OB2401890   Lava Red
Lavender-3-Ply-Irish-Waxed-Lin   Lavender 3 Ply Irish Waxed Linen
Layers-of-Pearls-March-30th   Layers of Pearls - March 30th
94318012   Leaf Centerpiece
94-2231   Leaf Fairy
LE   Leather Earrings
Leather-Kumihimo   Leather Kumihimo Braiding March 30th
LTB-1   Leather Tube Bracelet Kit
60432   LED Craft Light
Lemon-Quartz-Strands   Lemon Quartz Strands
Lepidochrosite-Chips   Lepidochrosite Chips
AAA215   Life is Good Charm
315-14   Light Blue Faceted Dyed Malay Jade 3x2mm Abacus
311-6   Light Coral 4mm Round White Jade Strands
29   Light Pink Round Leather Cording
Light-Rose-4-Ply-Irish-Waxed-L   Light Rose 4 Ply Irish Waxed Linen
Light-Rust-4-Ply-Irish-Waxed-L   Light Rust 4 Ply Irish Waxed Linen
15   Light Violet Round Leather Cording
AAA507   Light Yellow AB 3x4mm Faceted Crystal Rondelle
Linked-Leather-Bracelet-Kit   Linked Leather Bracelet Kit
AAA247   Live Your Dream Charm
LOC-GLUE   Loctite - Superglue
Long-Connector-Antique-Copper   Long Connector Antique Copper
Long-Connector-Antique-Silver   Long Connector Antique Silver
Long-Connector-Blue-Patina   Long Connector Blue Patina
Long-Tassel   Long Leather Tassels
Loop-de-Loops-March-9th   Loop de Loops Leather Bracelet Class March 9th
PL35   Looping Plier - Small
94-2403   Lotus Charm
AAA142   Lotus Charm
AAA142-bagged   Lotus Charm
AAA290-bagged   Lotus Charms
Lotus-Drop-Earring-Kit   Lotus Drop Earring Kit
Lotus-Slider-for-10mm-Leather   Lotus Slider for 10mm Leather
AAA197-bagged   Love Heart Charm
94-3190   Love Link
147976   Love You to the Moon Pendant
Lure-Me-in-Earring-Kit   Lure Me in Earring Kit
47LT661   Lustre Terra Colourlined 6/0 - Light Violet

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