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CW21HR-GL-4   Half Round Wire - Gold 21 gauge
CW21HR-SL-4   Half Round Wire - Silver 21 gauge
PWHRT   Half Round Wire - Titanium 21 gauge
CW21HR-VW-7   Half Round Wire - Vintage Bronze 21 gauge
SHG-K20   Hamilton Gold Bar Pendant
SHG-K10   Hamilton Gold Chandelier Connector
SHG-K5   Hamilton Gold Flat Oval Ring
SHG-K22   Hamilton Gold Oblong Circle Pendant
MB2292AS   Hammered 3 Part Connector
Hammered-Cap-Earring-Kit   Hammered Cap Earring Kit
MB2153   Hammered Diamond Connector
MB2152   Hammered Round Connector
MB2255   Hammered Teardrop Pendant
94232812   Hamsa Pendant
AAA286   Handmade Indonesian Elephant Bead
AAA286-bagged   Handmade Indonesian Elephant Bead
Hanging-Hearts-Earring-Kit   Hanging Hearts Earring Kit
945120   Happy Face Bead
Have-My-Heart-Bracelet-Kit   Have My Heart Bracelet Kit
Have-My-Heart-Leather-Necklace   Have My Heart Leather Necklace Kit
Have-my-heart-necklace-AB   Have my heart necklace kit - antique bronze
94511560   Heart Bead
AAA237   Heart Button
AAA416-bagged   Heart Button - antique bronze
AAA237-bagged   Heart Button - silver
YC002   Heart Chakra
94229012   Heart Lock
AAA223   Heart with Hearts Charm
AAA223-bagged   Heart with Hearts Charm
AAA224   Heart with Wings Charm
AAA224-bagged   Heart with Wings Charm
Heat-Treated-Crystal-Quartz-Ba   Heat Treated Crystal Quartz Barrels
OB2423980-14400   Hematite
HEMP4100   Hemp Cord - 10lb test - Neutral Colors
HEMP20BK   Hemp Cord - 20lb test - Black
HEMP4240   Hemp Cord - 20lb test - Bright Colors
HEMP20BR   Hemp Cord - 20lb test - Brown
HEMP20Nat   Hemp Cord - 20lb test - Natural
HEMP4280   Hemp Cord - 20lb test - Onyx Shades
HEMP4230   Hemp Cord - 20lb test - Pastel Colors
HEMP4250   Hemp Cord - 20lb test - Spring Colors
HEMP4255   Hemp Cord - 20lb test - Topaz Shades
HEMP4245   Hemp Cord - 20lb test - Vintage Colors
HEMP4300   Hemp Cord 10, 20, 36, 48 test - Natural
HEMP4275   Hemp Cord 20lb Bronze Shades
Herringbone-Wire-Wrap-Pendant-   Herringbone Wire Wrap Pendant Kit
Hey-Cowgirl!-Earring-Kit   Hey Cowgirl! Earring Kit
AAA208   Hope Charms
AAA289   Hope Ribbon Charm
ABB926   Horse Button
AAA250   Horse Eye Charm - Antique Gold
AAA249   Horse Eye Charm - Antique Silver
AAA436   Horse Eye Hammered Silver Rings
Horse-Eye-Hammered-Silver-Ring   Horse Eye Hammered Silver Rings
AAA300   Horse Eye Rings
AAA300-bagged   Horse Eye Rings - 2 colours
94228112   Horseshoe
DU0590030-14400   Hyacinth White Luster Super Duo
P101.-1.1   ImpressArt┬« Stamp Enamel
94-3178   Infinity Centerpiece
94-3167-12   Infinity Link
AAA570-bagged   It Is What It Is Charm
94-5826   Jardin Crimp Cord End
94-3202-27   Jardin Rectangle Link - Antique Brass
94-3202-40   Jardin Rectangle Link - Antique Pewter
OB2423980   Jet
OB2423980-14415   Jet Bronze
DU0523980-14415   Jet Bronze Super Duo
DU0523980-98547   Jet California Graphite Super Duo
DU0523980-98550   Jet California Silver Super Duo
36425B29123   Jet Full Apricot Super Duo Beads
OB2423980-27400   Jet Full Chrome
DU0523980-14400   Jet Hematite Super Duo Beads
OB2423980-15726   Jet Lilac Vega Luster
DU0523980-84110   Jet Matte Super Duo Beads
DU0523980-79031   Jet Metallic Blue Suede Super Duo
DU0523980-79021   Jet Metallic Suede Purple Super Duo
DU0523980-43400   Jet Picasso Super Duo Beads
DU0523980   Jet Super Duo Beads
JT20BK5   Jewelry Tube - Black
JT20CL5   Jewelry Tube - Clear
52-Kansa-Metallic   Kansa Metallic Round Leather Cording
94227012   Key
Knotted-Czech-Glass-Bracelet-K   Knotted Czech Glass Bracelet Kit
Knotted-Hippy-Necklace-Kit   Knotted Hippy Necklace Kit
October-17th   Knotted Style
Knotty-Wrap-Leather-Bracelet-K   Knotty Wrap Leather Bracelet Kit
GW200   Kumi Weight Lite
AAA285   Large 36mm Lobster Clasp
AAA538   Large Amethyst Chip Strands
ABB284   Large Aquamarine Nugget Strands
AAA327-bagged   Large Corner Flourish Buttons
ABB725   Large Dog Tooth Amethyst Nugget Strands
Large-Flat-Oval-Persian-Aquama   Large Flat Oval Persian Aquamarine Strands
FDL   Large Fleur De Lis Pendant
AAA252   Large Hole Metal Bead - Antique Bronze
AAA251   Large Hole Metal Bead - Antique Silver
ABB596   Large Hole Silver Beads
Large-Marrakesh-Connector-AC   Large Marrakesh Connector Copper
Large-Marrakesh-Connector-Gold   Large Marrakesh Connector Gold
Large-Marrakesh-Connector-Silv   Large Marrakesh Connector Silver
Large-Nugget-Persian-Aquamarin   Large Nugget Persian Aquamarine Strands
N0002-02   Large Ornate Button
ABB807   Large Ornate Buttons Buttons
R065   Large Patina Ornate Pendant
ABB272   Large Rose Quartz Nuggets
Larimar-Chips   Larimar Chips
2226   Lava Chakra Bracelet with Buddha Head
OB2401890   Lava Red
Lavender-3-Ply-Irish-Waxed-Lin   Lavender 3 Ply Irish Waxed Linen
Layer-Me-Up-Bracelet-Kit   Layer Me Up Bracelet Kit
94-3180   Leaf Centerpiece
LE   Leather Earrings
Leather-Tube-Bracelet-Kit   Leather Tube Bracelet Kit
Wrap-Bracelet-with-Buckle   Leather Wrap Bracelet with Buckle
Lemon-Quartz-Strands   Lemon Quartz Strands
Lepidochrosite-Chips   Lepidochrosite Chips
311-6   Light Coral 4mm Round White Jade Strands
29   Light Pink Round Leather Cording
Light-Rose-4-Ply-Irish-Waxed-L   Light Rose 4 Ply Irish Waxed Linen
Light-Rust-4-Ply-Irish-Waxed-L   Light Rust 4 Ply Irish Waxed Linen
15   Light Violet Round Leather Cording
Linked-Leather-Bracelet-Kit   Linked Leather Bracelet Kit
AAA247   Live Your Dream Charm
LOC-GLUE   Loctite - Superglue
Long-Connector-Antique-Copper   Long Connector Antique Copper
Long-Connector-Antique-Silver   Long Connector Antique Silver
Long-Connector-Blue-Patina   Long Connector Blue Patina
PL35   Looping Plier - Small
94-2403   Lotus Charm
AAA142   Lotus Charm
AAA142-bagged   Lotus Charm
AAA290-bagged   Lotus Charms
Lotus-Drop-Earring-Kit   Lotus Drop Earring Kit
Lotus-Slider-for-10mm-Leather   Lotus Slider for 10mm Leather
AAA197-bagged   Love Heart Charm
94-3190   Love Link
147976   Love You to the Moon Pendant
Lovely-Leather-Bracelet-Kit   Lovely Leather Bracelet Kit
47-LT661   Lustre Terra Colourlined 6/0 - Light Violet
Macrame-Leather-Bracelet-Kit   Macrame Leather Bracelet Kit
Magenta-4-Ply-Irish-Waxed-Line   Magenta 4 Ply Irish Waxed Linen
OB2400030-95100   Magic Blue
OB2400030-95300   Magic Copper
OB2400030-95500   Magic Purple O Beads
AAA242   Malachite Chip Strands
DU0500030-16314   Marea Pink Gold Super Duo Beads
3700-10   Margarita Flower - 10mm Emerald
3700-6   Margarita Flower - 6mm
3700-8   Margarita Flower - 8mm Emerald
3700-12   Margarita Flower -12mm Emerald
Marrakesh-Patina-Link-Blue   Marrakesh Patina Link
47-F626   Matte 6/0 - Transparent AB Lt. Red
47-F615   Matte 6/0 - Transparent Light Yellow AB
36425MV6002   Matte Aquamarine Vitral
MTB02-60020-86805   Matubo 2/0 Aqua Dark Travertine
MTB02-60020   Matubo 2/0 Aqua Transparent
MTB02-13020   Matubo 2/0 Beige
MTB02-13020-86805   Matubo 2/0 Beige Dark Travertine
MTB02-03000-86805   Matubo 2/0 Chalk Dark Travertine
MTB02-03000   Matubo 2/0 Chalk Opaque
MTB07-03000-14495   Matubo 2/0 Chalk Red Luster
MTB02-00030-86805   Matubo 2/0 Crystal Dark Travertine
MTB02-00030-84110   Matubo 2/0 Crystal Matte
MTB02-00030-85695   Matubo 2/0 Crystal Matte Bronze Luster
MTB02-00030-85431   Matubo 2/0 Crystal Matte Lazure Blue
MTB02-00030   Matubo 2/0 Crystal Transparent
MTB02-23980   Matubo 2/0 Jet
MTB02-23980-14415   Matubo 2/0 Jet Bronze
MTB02-23980-84110   Matubo 2/0 Jet Matte
MTB02-23980-43400   Matubo 2/0 Jet Picasso
MTB02-23020   Matubo 2/0 Purple Opaque
MTB02-23020*43400   Matubo 2/0 Purple Picasso
MTB02-93200-86805   Matubo 2/0 Red Dark Travertine
MTB02-93200   Matubo 2/0 Red Opaque
MTB02-33050   Matubo 2/0 Royal Opaque
MTB02-33050-43400   Matubo 2/0 Royal Picasso
MTB02-63030   Matubo 2/0 Turquoise Blue Opaque
MTB02-63030-86805   Matubo 2/0 Turquoise Blue Picasso
MTB02-63130-15695   Matubo 2/0 Turquoise Green Bronze Luster
MTB02-63130-86805   Matubo 2/0 Turquoise Green Dark Travertine
MTB02-63130   Matubo 2/0 Turquoise Green Opaque
MTB02-53410-86805   Matubo 2/0 Wasabi Dark Travertine
MTB02-53410   Matubo 2/0 Wasabi Opaque
MTB02-83120-86805   Matubo 2/0 Yellow Dark Travertine
MTB02-83120   Matubo 2/0 Yellow Opaque
Medium-Round-Disk-Charm   Medium Round Disk Charm
93002101   Memory Wire Cutters
Mesh-Pattern-10mm-Leather-Magn   Mesh Pattern 10mm Leather Magnetic Cord Ends
Metallic-Berry-Barrel-Knot   Metallic Berry Barrel Knot Wrap Bracelet Kit
47-MMT681   Metallic Matte Terra 6/0 - Antique Silver
60-Metallic-Mystique-Pink   Metallic Mystique Pink Round Leather Cording
63-Met-Oasis-Turquoise   Metallic Oasis Turquoise Round Leather Cording
58-Metallic-Truly-Teal   Metallic Truly Teal Round Leather Cording
AAA347   Milky Purple AB 3x4mm Faceted Crystal
41621-AC   Mini Antique Copper Charm
41621-blue   Mini Blue Patina Charm
MWB10   Mini Macrame Board
Mixed-Them-Up-Bracelet-Class   Mixed Them Up Bracelet Class April 4th
TL2315   Miyuki 5mm Burnt Sienna Tila

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