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IAD13101-24B   Pewter Blank - Heart
13102-24   Pewter Blank - Square
IAD13104-24B   Pewter Blank - Washer
picasso-RNN-TSS   Picasso Jasper Nuggets
Picture-Jasper-Chip-Strands   Picture Jasper Chip Strands
J80   Pin Vise
PNC05-00030-27101   Pinch Bead Crystal Capri Gold
PNC05-00030-27401   Pinch Bead Crystal Chrome
PNC05-00030-15726   Pinch Bead Crystal Vega
PNC05-00030-28101   Pinch Bead Crystal Vitrail
PNC05-23980-   Pinch Bead Jet
PNC05-23980-14400   Pinch Bead Jet Hematite
PNC05-23980-86800   Pinch Bead Jet Picasso
PNC05-23980-15726   Pinch Bead Jet Vega
PNC05-25019   Pinch Bead Pastel Aqua
PNC05-25010   Pinch Bead Pastel Dark Coral
PNC05-25037   Pinch Bead Pastel Dk Grey/Hematite
PNC05-25005   Pinch Bead Pastel Light Brown/Coco
PNC05-25028   Pinch Bead Pastel Light Grey/Silver
PNC05-25011   Pinch Bead Pastel Light Rose
PNC05-25014   Pinch Bead Pastel Light Saphire
PNC05-25012   Pinch Bead Pastel Lilac
PNC05-25021   Pinch Bead Pastel Lime
PNC05-25034   Pinch Bead Pastel Olivine
PNC05-25033   Pinch Bead Pastel Petrol
PNC05-25020   Pinch Bead Pastel Turquoise
PNC05-25001   Pinch Bead Pastel White
PNC05-02020-14413   Pinch Bead White Brown Lustre
PNC05-02020-86800   Pinch Bead White Picasso
PNC05-02020-15726   Pinch Bead White Vega
AAA195-bagged   Pine Cone Charms
311-1   Pink 4mm Round White Jade Strands
plastic-earring-back   Plastic Earring Backs
HA510   Plastic Mallet
79900   Plastic Tweezers
AAA199-bagged   Platinum Lotus Pendant
Plum   Plum
Poly-Tassel   Polyester Tassels
10D   Polymer Clay Beads - 10mm
12D   Polymer Clay Beads - 12mm
8D-Polymer   Polymer Clay Beads - 8mm
PBN106T   Pony Beading Needles #10
PBN126T   Pony Beading Needles #12
Poppy-Jasper-Pendants   Poppy Jasper Pendants
3112   Preciosa 10mm Wood Beads
40-01   Preciosa Czech 6x4mm Alphabet Beads
cphssb   Primitive Heart
AAA513   Purple AB 5mmx8mm Faceted Crystal
OB2401640   Purple Iris Gold
AAA097   Purple Mother of Pearl Nugget Strands
23030   Purple Pip Bead
Leaf-Earring-Kit   Quick and Easy Leaf Earring Kit
94315740   R & R Oval Link
DU05MIX127   Raku Super Duo Beads
Ravishing-Rivoli-Bracelet-Kit   Ravishing Rivoli Bracelet Kit
94236013   Recovery Symbol
Rectangle-Dragonfly-Charm   Rectangle Dragonfly Charm
94-6561   Rectangle Hammertone Button
RW2   Renaissance Wax
119-01   Rhinestone Elephant Connector
94511960   Ribbon Symbol
RS36   Ring Sizer 1 to 18
Rivet-Pattern-10mm-Leather-Mag   Rivet Pattern 10mm Leather Magnetic Cord Ends
HAM-202.00   Rivetting Hammer
Robin-Egg-Blue   Robin Egg Blue
YC007   Root Chakra
94568512   Rose Skull Bead
DU0570120-14400   Roseline White Luster Super Duo
Rough-Nugget-Matte-Chevron-Ame   Rough Nugget Matte Chevron Amethyst Strands
94-6558   Round Coin Button
dragonfly-round   Round Dragonfly Charm
KD600   Round Kumihimo Disk
94-6559   Round Leaf Button
PLR-480.10   Round Nose Plier
PL-664   Round Nose Plier - Beadsmith
PLR-275.10   Round Nose Pliers - Ultra Ergo
94-6557   Round Radiant Button
SOC2   Round Silicone Slide On Clasp - 1mm
SOC4   Round Silicone Slide On Clasp - 2mm
Royal-Blue   Royal Blue
DU0590080-22501   Ruby Celsian Super Duo
90080   Ruby Pip Bead
DU0590080-14215   Ruby Semi Bronize Luster Super Duo
DU0590080   Ruby Super Duo Beads
DU0590080-14400   Ruby White Luster Super Duo
Rust   Rust
SLBC-AQ   S-Lon Cording - Aqua
SLBC-AV   S-Lon Cording - Avocado
SLBC-BK   S-Lon Cording - Black
SLBC-BL   S-Lon Cording - Blue
SLBC-BRC   S-Lon Cording - Bright Coral
SLBC-BZ   S-Lon Cording - Bronze
SLBC-BR   S-Lon Cording - Brown
SLBC-CLB   S-Lon Cording - Carolina Blue
SLBC-CE   S-Lon Cording - Celery
SLBC-CT   S-Lon Cording - Chartreuse
SLBC-CO   S-Lon Cording - Cocoa
SLBC-COP   S-Lon Cording - Copper
SLBC-CR   S-Lon Cording - Cream
SLBC-LADK   S-Lon Cording - Dark Lavender
SLBC-DRD   S-Lon Cording - Dark Red
SLBC-DTE   S-Lon Cording - Dark Teal
SLBC-EGP   S-Lon Cording - Eggplant
SLBC-GO   S-Lon Cording - Gold
SLBC-GYL   S-Lon Cording - Golden Yellow
SLBC-GB   S-Lon Cording - Green Blue
SLBC-GY   S-Lon Cording - Grey
SLBC-GU   S-Lon Cording - Gunmetal
SLBC-IB   S-Lon Cording - Ice Blue
SLBC-KH   S-Lon Cording - Khaki
SLBC-LBR   S-Lon Cording - Light Brown
SLBC-LGY   S-Lon Cording - Light Grey
SLBC-LK   S-Lon Cording - Light Khaki
SLBC-LPI   S-Lon Cording - Light Pink
SLBC-MG   S-Lon Cording - Magenta
SLBC-MBR   S-Lon Cording - Medium Brown
SLBC-MDP   S-Lon Cording - Medium Purple
SLBC-MT   S-Lon Cording - Montana
SLBC-NAT   S-Lon Cording - Natural
SLBC-NA   S-Lon Cording - Navy
SLBC-NEO   S-Lon Cording - Neon Orange
SLBC-NEP   S-Lon Cording - Neon Pink
SLBC-NEY   S-Lon Cording - Neon Yellow
SLBC-OL   S-Lon Cording - Olive
SLBC-OLV   S-Lon Cording - Olivine
SLBC-OR   S-Lon Cording - Orange
SLBC-PY   S-Lon Cording - Pale Yellow
SLBC-PE   S-Lon Cording - Peacock
SLBC-PER   S-Lon Cording - Peridot
SLBC-PU   S-Lon Cording - Purple
SLBC-RH   S-Lon Cording - Red Hot
SLBC-RO   S-Lon Cording - Rose
SLBC-SA   S-Lon Cording - Sand
SLBC-SE   S-Lon Cording - Sepia
SLBC-SR   S-Lon Cording - Shanghai Red
SLBC-SI   S-Lon Cording - Sienna
SLBC-SB   S-Lon Cording - Sky Blue
SLBC-TQ   S-Lon Cording - Turquoise
SLBC-VA   S-Lon Cording - Vanilla
SLBC-VJD   S-Lon Cording - Vintage Jade
SLBC-WH   S-Lon Cording - White
SLBC-WNT   S-Lon Cording - Winette
SLBC-WBR   S-Lon Cording - Winterberry
YC003   Sacral Chakra
Sage   Sage
Salmon   Salmon
DU0530060-22501   Sapphire Celsian Super Duo
SHR-532.00   Scissor Shear - Straight
Seaside-Earring-Kit   Seaside Earring Kit
34   Shimmer Round Leather Cording
PP10   Shine Rite Polish Pads
AAA428-bagged   Shiny Round Medium Silver Bail
AAA452-bagged   Shiny Round Silver Bail
Silk-Tassels-with-Caps-Long   Silk Tassels with Caps - Long
Silk-Tassels-with-Caps---Short   Silk Tassels with Caps - Short
DU05MIX156   Silver and Gold Super Duo Beads
F298   Silver Aromatherapy Cage
2840   Silver Oval Aromatherapy Cage
MGN07SP   Silver Plate 6mm Magnetic Clasp
AAA257   Silver Plated Barrel Beads
2.5x40silver   Silver Plated Curved Tube
AAA567   Silver Plated Earwires
AAA568   Silver Plated Earwires
11x16mm-silver   Silver Teardrop Link
301-301-   Silver Turkish Link
AAA297   Silver Turkish Link
46S680   Silverlined (Square Hole) 6/0 - Crystal
46S662   Silverlined (Square Hole) 6/0 - Dark Amethyst
46-S677   Silverlined (Square Hole) 6/0 - Dark Brown
46S671   Silverlined (Square Hole) 6/0 - Dark Gold (topaz)
46S626   Silverlined (Square Hole) 6/0 - Dark Pink Rose
46S616   Silverlined (Square Hole) 6/0 - Dark Yellow
46S621   Silverlined (Square Hole) 6/0 - Dyed Fuchsia
46S620   Silverlined (Square Hole) 6/0 - Dyed Pink
46S670   Silverlined (Square Hole) 6/0 - Gold
46S615   Silverlined (Square Hole) 6/0 - Light Yellow
46S622   Silverlined (Square Hole) 6/0 - Red
46S862   Silverlined (Square Hole) 8/0 - Dark Amethyst
46S871   Silverlined (Square Hole) 8/0 - Dark Gold (topaz)
46S804   Silverlined (Square Hole) 8/0 - Light Orange
46S802   Silverlined (Square Hole) 8/0 - Light Red
46S872   Silverlined (Square Hole) 8/0 - Medium Brown
46S822   Silverlined (Square Hole) 8/0 - Red
46SMR638   Silverlined (Square Hole) Matte Rainbow 6/0 - Chartreuse
94228212   Six Shooter
S-661501-Botanical-Blooms   Sizzix DecoEmboss - Botanical Blooms
S-661501-Botanical-Swirls   Sizzix DecoEmboss - Botanical Swirls
S-661504-Jumbled-Triangles   Sizzix DecoEmboss - Jumbled Triangles
S-661506-Ornate-Swirls   Sizzix DecoEmboss - Ornate Swirls
24   Sky Blue Round Leather Cording
Slate-Grey   Slate Grey
AAA413-bagged   Small Antique Bronze Heart
AAA254   Small Barrel Bead - Antique Copper
94-6583   Small Bird in a Tree Button
AAA229-bagged   Small Bright Silver Heart
Small-Connector-Antique-Silver   Small Connector Antique Silver
Small-Connector-Blue-Patina   Small Connector Blue Patina
94-6588   Small Czech Button
AAA572   Small Decorative Bead - Antique Brass
AAA277   Small Disk Spacer

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