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SOC4   Round Silicone Slide On Clasp - 2mm
Royal-Blue-3-Ply-Irish-Waxed-L   Royal Blue 3 Ply Irish Waxed Linen
DU0590080-22501   Ruby Celsian Super Duo
DU0590080   Ruby Super Duo Beads
DU0590080-14400   Ruby White Luster Super Duo
Rust-3-Ply-Irish-Waxed-Linen   Rust 3 Ply Irish Waxed Linen
SLBC-AQ   S-Lon Cording - Aqua
SLBC-AV   S-Lon Cording - Avocado
SLBC-BK   S-Lon Cording - Black
SLBC-BL   S-Lon Cording - Blue
SLBC-BRC   S-Lon Cording - Bright Coral
SLBC-BZ   S-Lon Cording - Bronze
SLBC-BR   S-Lon Cording - Brown
SLBC-CLB   S-Lon Cording - Carolina Blue
SLBC-CE   S-Lon Cording - Celery
SLBC-CT   S-Lon Cording - Chartreuse
SLBC-CO   S-Lon Cording - Cocoa
SLBC-COP   S-Lon Cording - Copper
SLBC-CR   S-Lon Cording - Cream
SLBC-LADK   S-Lon Cording - Dark Lavender
SLBC-DRD   S-Lon Cording - Dark Red
SLBC-DTE   S-Lon Cording - Dark Teal
SLBC-EGP   S-Lon Cording - Eggplant
SLBC-GO   S-Lon Cording - Gold
SLBC-GYL   S-Lon Cording - Golden Yellow
SLBC-GB   S-Lon Cording - Green Blue
SLBC-GY   S-Lon Cording - Grey
SLBC-GU   S-Lon Cording - Gunmetal
SLBC-IB   S-Lon Cording - Ice Blue
SLBC-KH   S-Lon Cording - Khaki
SLBC-LBR   S-Lon Cording - Light Brown
SLBC-LGY   S-Lon Cording - Light Grey
SLBC-LK   S-Lon Cording - Light Khaki
SLBC-LPI   S-Lon Cording - Light Pink
SLBC-MG   S-Lon Cording - Magenta
SLBC-MBR   S-Lon Cording - Medium Brown
SLBC-MDP   S-Lon Cording - Medium Purple
SLBC-MT   S-Lon Cording - Montana
SLBC-NAT   S-Lon Cording - Natural
SLBC-NA   S-Lon Cording - Navy
SLBC-NEO   S-Lon Cording - Neon Orange
SLBC-NEY   S-Lon Cording - Neon Yellow
SLBC-OL   S-Lon Cording - Olive
SLBC-OLV   S-Lon Cording - Olivine
SLBC-OR   S-Lon Cording - Orange
SLBC-PY   S-Lon Cording - Pale Yellow
SLBC-PE   S-Lon Cording - Peacock
SLBC-PER   S-Lon Cording - Peridot
SLBC-PU   S-Lon Cording - Purple
SLBC-RH   S-Lon Cording - Red Hot
SLBC-RO   S-Lon Cording - Rose
SLBC-SA   S-Lon Cording - Sand
SLBC-SE   S-Lon Cording - Sepia
SLBC-SR   S-Lon Cording - Shanghai Red
SLBC-SI   S-Lon Cording - Sienna
SLBC-SB   S-Lon Cording - Sky Blue
SLBC-TQ   S-Lon Cording - Turquoise
SLBC-VA   S-Lon Cording - Vanilla
SLBC-VJD   S-Lon Cording - Vintage Jade
SLBC-WH   S-Lon Cording - White
SLBC-WNT   S-Lon Cording - Winette
SLBC-WBR   S-Lon Cording - Winterberry
YC003   Sacral Chakra
Sage-3-Ply-Irish-Waxed-Linen   Sage 3 Ply Irish Waxed Linen
Salmon-3-Ply-Irish-Waxed-Linen   Salmon 3 Ply Irish Waxed Linen
DU0530060-22501   Sapphire Celsian Super Duo
SHR-532.00   Scissor Shear - Straight
Seaside-Earring-Kit   Seaside Earring Kit
Sepal-Spiral-Earring-Kit   Sepal Spiral Earring Kit
34   Shimmer Round Leather Cording
PP10   Shine Rite Polish Pads
AAA428-bagged   Shiny Round Medium Silver Bail
Silk-Tassels-with-Caps-Long   Silk Tassels with Caps - Long
Silk-Tassels-with-Caps---Short   Silk Tassels with Caps - Short
DU05MIX156   Silver and Gold Super Duo Beads
MGN07SP   Silver Plate 6mm Magnetic Clasp
AAA257   Silver Plated Barrel Beads
2.5x40silver   Silver Plated Curved Tube
AAA567   Silver Plated Earwires
AAA568   Silver Plated Earwires
AAA297   Silver Turkish Link
46S680   Silverlined (Square Hole) 6/0 - Crystal
46S662   Silverlined (Square Hole) 6/0 - Dark Amethyst
46-S677   Silverlined (Square Hole) 6/0 - Dark Brown
46S671   Silverlined (Square Hole) 6/0 - Dark Gold (topaz)
46S626   Silverlined (Square Hole) 6/0 - Dark Pink Rose
46S616   Silverlined (Square Hole) 6/0 - Dark Yellow
46S621   Silverlined (Square Hole) 6/0 - Dyed Fuchsia
46S620   Silverlined (Square Hole) 6/0 - Dyed Pink
46-S670   Silverlined (Square Hole) 6/0 - Gold
46S622   Silverlined (Square Hole) 6/0 - Red
46S862   Silverlined (Square Hole) 8/0 - Dark Amethyst
46S871   Silverlined (Square Hole) 8/0 - Dark Gold (topaz)
46S804   Silverlined (Square Hole) 8/0 - Light Orange
46S802   Silverlined (Square Hole) 8/0 - Light Red
46S872   Silverlined (Square Hole) 8/0 - Medium Brown
46SMR638   Silverlined (Square Hole) Matte Rainbow 6/0 - Chartreuse
94228212   Six Shooter
47-B207   Size 2 Silverlined Brown Bugle Beads
47-B238   Size 2 Silverlined Chartreuse Bugle Beads
47-B277   Size 2 Silverlined Dark Brown Bugle Beads
47-B270   Size 2 Silverlined Gold Bugle Beads
47-B215   Size 2 Silverlined Light Yellow Bugle Beads
47-B52   Size 3 Brown Iris Bugle Beads
47-B40   Size 3 Iris Gunmetal Bugle Beads
47-B06   Size 3 Iris Purple Bugle Beads
47-B55   Size 3 Metallic Bronze Bugle Bead
47-B32   Size 3 Silverlined Aqua Bugle Beads
47-B38   Size 3 Silverlined Chartreuse Bugle Beads
47-B21   Size 3 Silverlined Fuchsia Bugle Beads
47-B70   Size 3 Silverlined Gold Bugle Beads
47-B60   Size 3 Silverlined Purple Bugle Beads
47-B22   Size 3 Silverlined Red Bugle Beads
24   Sky Blue Round Leather Cording
Slate-Grey-4-Ply-Irish-Waxed-L   Slate Grey 4 Ply Irish Waxed Linen
AAA413-bagged   Small Antique Bronze Heart
AAA254   Small Barrel Bead - Antique Copper
AAA229-bagged   Small Bright Silver Heart
Small-Connector-Antique-Silver   Small Connector Antique Silver
Small-Connector-Blue-Patina   Small Connector Blue Patina
94-6588   Small Czech Button
AAA572   Small Decorative Bead - Antique Brass
AAA277   Small Disk Spacer
AAA253-bagged   Small Flower Bead Caps
94-6585   Small Lotus Button
Small-Marrakesh-Copper-Link   Small Marrakesh Copper Link
AAA269   Small Melon Bead
94-6586   Small Om Button
AAA143   Small Open Star
AAA143-bagged   Small Open Star Charm
N0002-01-18mm   Small Ornate Button
AAA478-bagged   Small Puffy Antique Bronze Heart
AAA228-AS   Small Round Bail
Small-Round-Disk-Charm   Small Round Disk Charm
KD602   Small Round Kumihimo Disk
94568212   Small Shell Bead
DU0540020-27101   Smoke Grey Capri Gold Super Duo
DU0540020-22501   Smoke Grey Celsian Super Duo
DU0510230   Smoked Topaz Super Duo Beads
AAA013   Snowflake Obsidian Chip Strands
SFW01410SLV   Soft Flex - FINE
SFW01430SLV   Soft Flex - FINE 30FT
SFW02410SLV   Soft Flex - HEAVY
SFW02430SLV   Soft Flex - HEAVY 30FT
SFW01910SLV   Soft Flex - MEDIUM
SFW01930SLV   Soft Flex - MEDIUM 30FT
SF-300SFC   Soft Flex Long Professional Flush Cutter
YC006   Solar Plexus Chakra
Solar-Quartz-Nugget-Strands   Solar Quartz Nugget Strands
94315640   Spirals and Rivets Link
PLSR3   Split Ring Pliers
Spring-Colours-5mmx8mm-Faceted   Spring Colours 5mmx8mm Faceted Crystal
DU05MIX102   Spring Violets Mix Super Duo
CW21SQ-CP-7   Square Craft Wire - Copper 21 gauge
CW21SQ-GL-4   Square Craft Wire - Gold 21 gauge
CW21SQ-SL-4   Square Craft Wire - Silver 21 gauge
PWST   Square Craft Wire - Titanium 21 gauge
CW21SQ-VW-7   Square Craft Wire - Vintage Bronze 21 gauge
KD01   Square Kumihimo Disk
94234812   St Nick
Stacked-Drop-Earring-Kit   Stacked Drop Earring Kit
AAA688   Star Buttons
AAA688-bagged   Star Buttons
AAA324-bagged   Starburst Button - antique bronze
AAA323-bagged   Starburst Button - antique silver
BB-ET   Steel Bench Block 2.5" X 2.5"
SS-801-4   Sterling Silver 4MM Ball Post w/Open Ring
SS-803-4   Sterling Silver 4MM Sparkle Ball Post w/Open Ring
SS-606   Sterling Silver Bail W/Ring - Large
SS-605   Sterling Silver Bail W/Ring - Medium
SS-604   Sterling Silver Bail W/Ring - Small
SS-30342   Sterling Silver Balls 2MM
SS-30343   Sterling Silver Balls 3MM
SS-3034-4   Sterling Silver Balls 4MM
SS-30346   Sterling Silver Balls 6MM
SS-3034-8   Sterling Silver Balls 8MM
SS-2004   Sterling Silver Clamshell
SS-640   Sterling Silver Crimp Covers 3MM
SS-3011   Sterling Silver Crimp Tube 2 X 2 MM
SS-118   Sterling Silver Ear Wires 11MM X 20MM
SS-002   Sterling Silver Ear Wires 14MM X 19MM
SS-119   Sterling Silver Ear Wires 14MM X 20MM
SS-102   Sterling Silver Ear Wires 17MM X 20MM
SS-128   Sterling Silver Ear Wires 18MM X 23MM
SS-5206   Sterling Silver Ear Wires 6MM X 10MM
SS-902   Sterling Silver Ear Wires Lever Back w/open Ring 18MM
SS-591   Sterling Silver Fancy Bail - Large
SS-679   Sterling Silver Filigree Bail - Large
SS-24-20100   Sterling Silver Headpin - 25MM - 1"
SS-24-20114   Sterling Silver Headpin - 30MM - 1.25"
SS-24-20112   Sterling Silver Headpin - 38MM - 1.5"
SS-22-20112   Sterling Silver Headpin - 40MM - 1.5"
SS-22-25200   Sterling Silver Headpin - 50MM - 2"
SS-24-20200   Sterling Silver Headpin - 50MM - 2"
SS-22-25300   Sterling Silver Headpin - 75MM - 3"
SS321   Sterling Silver Heart Shaped Clasp 14MM
SS-JR28-6C   Sterling Silver Jump Ring Closed - 6MM
SS-1908C   Sterling Silver Jump Ring Closed - 8MM
SS-409C   Sterling Silver Jump Ring Closed - 9MM
SS-JR40-4.5   Sterling Silver Jump Ring Open - 4.5MM

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