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YC006   Solar Plexus Chakra
Solar-Quartz-Nugget-Strands   Solar Quartz Nugget Strands
299Y   Spiral Bead Cages
94315640   Spirals and Rivets Link
PLSR3   Split Ring Pliers
Spring-Colours-5mmx8mm-Faceted   Spring Colours 5mmx8mm Faceted Crystal
DU05MIX102   Spring Violets Mix Super Duo
CW21SQ-CP-7   Square Craft Wire - Copper 21 gauge
CW21SQ-GL-4   Square Craft Wire - Gold 21 gauge
CW21SQ-SL-4   Square Craft Wire - Silver 21 gauge
PWST   Square Craft Wire - Titanium 21 gauge
CW21SQ-VW-7   Square Craft Wire - Vintage Bronze 21 gauge
KD01   Square Kumihimo Disk
94234812   St Nick
AAA688   Star Buttons
AAA688-bagged   Star Buttons
AAA324-bagged   Starburst Button - antique bronze
AAA323-bagged   Starburst Button - antique silver
BB-ET   Steel Bench Block 2.5" X 2.5"
SS-801-4   Sterling Silver 4MM Ball Post w/Open Ring
SS-803-4   Sterling Silver 4MM Sparkle Ball Post w/Open Ring
SS-606   Sterling Silver Bail W/Ring - Large
SS-605   Sterling Silver Bail W/Ring - Medium
SS-604   Sterling Silver Bail W/Ring - Small
SS-30342   Sterling Silver Balls 2MM
SS-30343   Sterling Silver Balls 3MM
SS-3034-4   Sterling Silver Balls 4MM
SS-30346   Sterling Silver Balls 6MM
SS-3034-8   Sterling Silver Balls 8MM
SS-114605   Sterling Silver Blank Disc 12MM
SS-114607   Sterling Silver Blank Disc 15MM
SS-114609   Sterling Silver Blank Disc 18MM
SS-2004   Sterling Silver Clamshell
SS-640   Sterling Silver Crimp Covers 3MM
SS-3011   Sterling Silver Crimp Tube 2 X 2 MM
SS-118   Sterling Silver Ear Wires 11MM X 20MM
SS-002   Sterling Silver Ear Wires 14MM X 19MM
SS-119   Sterling Silver Ear Wires 14MM X 20MM
SS-102   Sterling Silver Ear Wires 17MM X 20MM
SS-128   Sterling Silver Ear Wires 18MM X 23MM
SS-5206   Sterling Silver Ear Wires 6MM X 10MM
SS-902   Sterling Silver Ear Wires Lever Back w/open Ring 18MM
SS-5064   Sterling Silver End Cap - Crimp
SS-591   Sterling Silver Fancy Bail - Large
SS-679   Sterling Silver Filigree Bail - Large
SS-24-20100   Sterling Silver Headpin - 25MM - 1"
SS-24-20114   Sterling Silver Headpin - 30MM - 1.25"
SS-24-20112   Sterling Silver Headpin - 38MM - 1.5"
SS-22-20112   Sterling Silver Headpin - 40MM - 1.5"
SS-22-25200   Sterling Silver Headpin - 50MM - 2"
SS-24-20200   Sterling Silver Headpin - 50MM - 2"
SS-22-25300   Sterling Silver Headpin - 75MM - 3"
SS-321   Sterling Silver Heart Shaped Clasp 14MM
SS-1810C   Sterling Silver Jump Ring Closed - 10MM
SS-256C   Sterling Silver Jump Ring Closed - 6MM
SS-1908C   Sterling Silver Jump Ring Closed - 8MM
SS-409C   Sterling Silver Jump Ring Closed - 9MM
SS-JR40-4.5   Sterling Silver Jump Ring Open - 4.5MM
SS-36-6   Sterling Silver Jump Ring Open - 6MM
SS-JR40-6   Sterling Silver Jump Ring Open - 6MM
SS-JR40-8   Sterling Silver Jump Ring Open - 8MM
SS-JR48-9   Sterling Silver Jump Ring Open - 9MM
SS-307   Sterling Silver Lobster Clasp 10MM
SS-302   Sterling Silver Lobster Clasp 12MM
SS-303   Sterling Silver Lobster Clasp 14MM
SS-340   Sterling Silver Lobster Clasp 14MM
SS-341   Sterling Silver Lobster Clasp 18MM
SS-351-5   Sterling Silver Magnetic Clasp - 5MM
SS-354   Sterling Silver Magnetic Clasp - 8MM X 18MM
SS-502   Sterling Silver Medium Friction Nut 5MM
SS-502-2   Sterling Silver Medium Friction Nut 5MM
SS-JR36-4x6   Sterling Silver Oval Jump Ring - 4MM X 6MM
SS-JR36-5x7   Sterling Silver Oval Jump Ring - 5MM X 7MM
SS-70005   Sterling Silver Slide Clasp W/5 Rings
SS-603   Sterling Silver Snap Bail - Large
SS-1002   Sterling Silver Split Ring - 6MM
SS-329   Sterling Silver Swivel Lobster Clasp 12MM
SS-332   Sterling Silver Swivel Lobster Clasp 19.5MM
SS-4002   Sterling Silver Toggle 13MM
SS-4040   Sterling Silver Toggle 21MM
SS-2010   Sterling Silver Wireguard 5MM
SS-2012   Sterling Silver Wireguard 5MM X 6MM
Studded-Bar-Slider-for-10mm-Le   Studded Bar Slider for 10mm Leather
AAA326-bagged   Studded Button
Sueded-Heart-Earring-Kit   Sueded Heart Earring Kit
DU05MIX154   Sun Sand and Surf Super Duo
AAA325-bagged   Sundial Button
94-2034   Sunflower
PC1   Sunshine Polishing Cloth
94674504   Swarovski Birthstone Charm - April
94674508   Swarovski Birthstone Charm - August
94674502   Swarovski Birthstone Charm - February
94674501   Swarovski Birthstone Charm - January
94674507   Swarovski Birthstone Charm - July
94674506   Swarovski Birthstone Charm - June
94674503   Swarovski Birthstone Charm - March
94674505   Swarovski Birthstone Charm - May
94674510   Swarovski Birthstone Charm - Rose
94674509   Swarovski Birthstone Charm - September
94674512   Swarovski Birthstone Charm - Tanzanite
94674511   Swarovski Birthstone Charm - Topaz
94674513   Swarovski Crystal Charm - Crystal AB
94674514   Swarovski Crystal Charm - Jet Hematite
94674515   Swarovski Crystal Charm - Lt Colorado Topaz
DU05MIX144   Sylvan Woods Super Duo Beads
94-2321   Talavera Cross
51-Tamba   Tamba Metallic Round Leather Cording
DU0520500-27101   Tanzanite Capri Gold Super Duo
DU0520500-14400   Tanzanite White Luster Super Duo Beads
TRWC   Tarnish Resitant Wire - Copper
Teal-3-Ply-Irish-Waxed-Linen   Teal 3 Ply Irish Waxed Linen
AAA505   Teal Green 4x6mm Faceted Crystal Rondelle
MB2157   Teardrop Hammered Charm
94568312   Teddy Bear
TEST   Test Product
Texas-Tears-Earrings-Kit   Texas Tears Earrings Kit
YC001   Third Eye Chakra
TZ1300   Thread Zap II
TZ1300-TIP   Thread Zap II - Replacement Tips
YC005   Throat Chakra
AAA144-bagged   Tibetan Style Alloy Lobster Clasps
AAA288-bagged   Tibetan Style Bead Caps
AAA333-AB   Tibetan Style Bead Caps - Antique Bronze
AAA330   Tibetan Style Bead Caps - Antique Silver
AAA333-AS   Tibetan Style Bead Caps - Antique Silver
AAA412   Tibetan Style Bead Cones - Antique Silver
R310-30AS-RS   Tibetan Style Bead Cones - Antique Silver
AAA268-antique-silver   Tibetan Style Bead Spacers - antique silver
AAA268   Tibetan Style Bicone Bead Spacers
AAA265   Tibetan Style Cord Ends
AAA267   Tibetan Style Donut Spacers
063-02   Tibetan Style Lion Head
AAA296   Tibetan Style Rings - 4 colours to choose from
94-6061   TierraCast Bali Toggle Set
94-6097-12   TierraCast Silver Butterfly Toggle Set
94-3095   TierraCast 1" Hammertone Ring
94-6154   TierraCast 1/2" Anna Toggle Set
94-2510   TierraCast 1/2" Dagger Charm
94-6192   TierraCast 1/2" E Hook
94-5805   TierraCast 12X12MM Deco Slide
94-2511   TierraCast 3/4" Dagger Charm
94-5787   TierraCast 3/4" Woven Disc
79-0103-00   TierraCast 4MM Rivet Setter
94-5803   TierraCast 4X2MM Deco Barrel
94-5598   TierraCast 5mm Petal Bead Caps
94-5752   TierraCast 5mm Talavera Star
79-0104-00   TierraCast 6MM Rivet Setter
94-5792   TierraCast 6X2MM Barrel Bead
94-5804   TierraCast 6X2MM Deco Barrel
94-240   TierraCast Alphabet Charms
94-6582   TierraCast Amor Button
94-2499   TierraCast Amor Charm
94-3194   TierraCast Amor Connector Bar
94-2501   TierraCast Amor Pendant
94-6581   TierraCast Amor Round Button
94-2359   TierraCast Anchor Charm
94-5728   TierraCast Bail Joy
94-5509   TierraCast Bali Beaded Bail
94-5791   TierraCast Barrel Bead 4X2MM
94-2520   TierraCast Bone Charm
94-5828   TierraCast Botanical Bead
94-3220   TierraCast Botanical Birds Link
94-3221   TierraCast Botanical Branch Link
94-5827   TierraCast Botanical Pinch Bail
01-0080   TierraCast Brass Eyelet 3.7MM X 2MM
01-0082   TierraCast Brass Eyelet 5.3MM X 2.3MM
01-0084   TierraCast Brass Eyelet 6.8MM X 2MM
94-5718   TierraCast Buddha Bead
94-2319   TierraCast Catrina Skull
94-5513   TierraCast Celtic Bail
94-2033   TierraCast Celtic Round Drop
94-2103   TierraCast Celtic Triad Charm
94-6188   TierraCast Clasp Ring Silver
94-6202   TierraCast Craftsman Toggle Set
94-6205   TierraCast Craftsman Toggle Set
94-6198   TierraCast Distressed E Hook
94-2223   TierraCast Dog Charm
94-2521   TierraCast Dog House Charm
94-2130-12   TierraCast Dolphin Charm
94-2119   TierraCast Dragonfly Charm
94-5588   TierraCast Dragonfly Wings
94-5529   TierraCast Ethnic Barrel
94-2014   TierraCast Ethnic Dart
94-2013   TierraCast Ethnic Spike Drop
79-0102-00   TierraCast Eyelet Setter and Anvil
94-2422   TierraCast Fat Bird Charm
94-6759   TierraCast Flame Frame Crystal Drop
94-2493   TierraCast Flora Charm
94-2495   TierraCast Flora Charm Small Teardrop
94-6223   TierraCast Flora Clasp Set
94-3196   TierraCast Flora Oval Connector
94-2502   TierraCast Flora Pendant
94-3198   TierraCast Flora Ring Link 1/2"
94-3022   TierraCast Flora Ring Link 3/4"
94-3199   TierraCast Flora Ring Link 5/8"
94-3195   TierraCast Flora Square Connector
94-2176   TierraCast Gita Elephant
943085-25   TierraCast Gold Small Ring 8.6mm

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