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94-2509   TierraCast Open Lotus Charm
94-3210   TierraCast Open Lotus Link
94-2106   TierraCast Open Star Charm
94-2544   TierraCast Opulence Charm
01-0201   TierraCast Pagoda Cord End
94-2420   TierraCast Paw Charm
943175   TierraCast Plain Link Strap Tip
94-3112   TierraCast Radiant 1 1/4" Ring
94-6130   TierraCast Radiant Toggle Set
94-5624   TierraCast Raja Pendant Caps
90-5177   TierraCast Regular Loop Earwires
01-0060   TierraCast Rivet Set 4MM Cap, 5MM Post
01-0061   TierraCast Rivet Set 6MM Cap, 7MM Post
94-5623   TierraCast Royal Bail
94-5778   TierraCast Royal Pinch Bail
94-5590   TierraCast Scalloped Bead Caps
94-2232   TierraCast Sea Star Charm
94-2159   TierraCast Sitting Cat
94-5729   TierraCast Skull Bail
94-2393   TierraCast Small Celtic Heart
94-2389   TierraCast Small Celtic Open Heart
94-2208   TierraCast Small Dragonfly
94-2046   TierraCast Small Feather Charm
94-3085   TierraCast Small Hammertone Ring 8 mm
94-2220   TierraCast Small Honeybee Charm
94-6599   TierraCast Small Paw Button
94-2234-12   TierraCast Small Spindle Shell Charm
94-5641   TierraCast Spiral Cones
94-2074   TierraCast Spiral Heart
94-5784   TierraCast Spiral Pinch Bail
94-6142   TierraCast Spiral Toggle Set
94-2300   TierraCast Swallow
94-5736   TierraCast Tall Hammertone Cones
94-6088   TierraCast Tapered Bali Toggle Set
94-6231   TierraCast Temple Clasp Set
94-3219   TierraCast Temple Ring Link
94-6576   TierraCast Tribal Button
94-5508   TierraCast Victorian Bail
94-2011   TierraCast Violet Leaf Charm
94-2341   TierraCast Wing Charm
94-2305   TierraCast Winged Heart
94-6019   TierraCast Wrapped Toggle Set
94-2405   TierraCast Yin Yang Charm
94-6179   TierraCast Z Hook Clasp
tiny-heart-260   Tiny Heart Charms
AAA430-bagged   Tiny Star Charm
TM-BL   Tool Magic
DU0510060-26441   Topaz Amber Super Duo Beads
54-Tota   Tota Metallic Round Leather Cording
46T625   Transparent 6/0 - Dark Pink Rose
46-T656   Transparent 6/0 - Emerald
46CM623   Transparent Coated Multicolor 6/0 - Aqua/Tanzanite
46CM601   Transparent Coated Multicolor 6/0 - Jonquil/Hyacinth
94-2454   Tree Charm
AAA221   Tree of Life
AAA221-bagged   Tree of Life
94-2304   Tree of Life - Large
94-2303   Tree of Life - Small
Tree-of-LIfe-Bracelet-Kit   Tree of LIfe Bracelet Kit
94-6562   Tree of Life Button
BAR-60AS   Tree of Life Circle Slider for 10mm Leather
94-6566   Triskele Button
Tucson-Treasures-Bracelet-Kit   Tucson Treasures Bracelet Kit
Turquoise-3-Ply-Irish-Waxed-Li   Turquoise 3 Ply Irish Waxed Linen
DU0563030-86805   Turquoise Blue Travertine Dark Super Duo
Turquoise-Chips   Turquoise Chips
TWAA   Tweezers
TWS12   Twisted Wire Needle #12
FR100   Ultimate Folding Ruler
DU0503000-15726   Vega on Chalk Super Duo Beads
DU0500030-15726   Vega on Crystal Super Duo
DU0590030-15726   Vega on Hyacinth Super Duo
Vertebrae-Redux-Bracelet-Kit   Vertebrae Redux Bracelet Kit
DU05MIX103   Victorian Elegance Super Duo Beads
94-2339-12   Victorian Key Antique Silver
Victorian-Rose-4-Ply-Irish-Wax   Victorian Rose 4 Ply Irish Waxed Linen
AAA261   Vintage Style Elephant
V-DMW01   Vintaj Doming Block
V35602   Vintaj Patina Paint - Ancient Coin
V34780   Vintaj Patina Paint - Antique Window
V36906   Vintaj Patina Paint - Faded Pickup
V45076   Vintaj Patina Paint - French Riviera
V-58199   Vintaj Patina Paint - Rose Gold
V45083   Vintaj Patina Paint - Sunset in Morocco
V3596   Vintaj Patina Paint - Treasured Heirloom
V45090   Vintaj Patina Paint - Twilight in Paris
V34827   Vintaj Patina Paint - Weathered Copper
V-58205   Vintaj Patina Paint - White Gold
Walnut-Brown-3-Ply-Irish-Waxed   Walnut Brown 3 Ply Irish Waxed Linen
Watch-Those-Curves-Bracelet   Watch Those Curves Bracelet Kit
Waves-of-Blue-Earring-Kit   Waves of Blue Earring Kit
Wavy-Pattern-10mm-Leather-Magn   Wavy Pattern 10mm Leather Magnetic Cord Ends
AAA278   Wavy Spacer Bead
94226712   Western Boot
White-3-Ply-Irish-Waxed-Linen   White 3 Ply Irish Waxed Linen
AAA011   White Howlite Chip Strands
White-Howlite-Nugget-Strands   White Howlite Nugget Strands
DU0503000-14400   White Luster Super Duo Beads
04   White Round Leather Cording
DU05MIX131   White Wedding Super Duo Beads
PL-666   Wide Nose Plier - Beadsmith
RS20   Wide Ring Sizer 1 to 15
CZ203700   Wild Rose (14mm) Aqua Blue Transparent Matte with Gold Wash
CZ203681   Wild Rose (14mm) Aqua Blue Transparent with Platinum Wash
CZ203668   Wild Rose (14mm) Montana Blue (Light) Transparent with Dark Bronze Wash
CZ203664   Wild Rose (14mm) Vintage Pink Opaque with Dark Bronze Wash
PL170   Wire Cutter
DP15   Wire Drawplate
01-0400   Wire Hoop - 20mm ID
01-0401   Wire Hoop - 32mm ID
01-0402   Wire Hoop - 42mm ID
RNCL01   Wood Ring Clamp
ABB981   Wooden Heart Button
WHE   Wooden Heart Earrings
WOOD-1   Wooden Mandrel Set
WLC   Woven Leather and Chain Bracelet
Wrap-it-All-Up-with-Chain   Wrap it All Up with Chain March 14th
XLGEL   XL Patina Gel
PLR-467.50   Xuron Maxi Shear Flush Cutters
94227212   Yearling Horse
Yellow-African-Opal-Nugget-Str   Yellow African Opal Nugget Strands
Yellow-Opal-Chips   Yellow Opal Chips
AAA146   Yoga Pose Charm
AAA146-bagged   Yoga Pose Charm
ABB133   Yoga Pose Charm

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