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1-04-29261   4mm Firepolish Halo Regal
1-04-29263   4mm Firepolish Halo Shadows
1-04-14400   4mm Firepolish Hematite
1-04-7060   4mm Firepolish Hot Pink
1-04-99012   4mm Firepolish Hurricane Amethyst Crystal
1-04-9923   4mm Firepolish Hurricane Glass Crystal Topaz Oxblood
1-04-21435   4mm Firepolish Iris Blue
1-04-21495   4mm Firepolish Iris Purple
1-04-2398   4mm Firepolish Jet
1-04-YM2398   4mm Firepolish Jet Matte Bronze Vega
1-04-T2398   4mm Firepolish Jet Picasso
1-04-Z3002   4mm Firepolish Light Sapphire Celsian
1-04-6021   4mm Firepolish Light Teal
1-04-P65431   4mm Firepolish Luster Opaque Green
1-04-P15495   4mm Firepolish Luster Opaque Topaz/Pink
1-04-L0003   4mm Firepolish Lustre Crystal
1-04-LR2006   4mm Firepolish Lustre Iris Amethyst
1-04-LR13060   4mm Firepolish Lustre Iris Anitque Beige
1-04-LR2051   4mm Firepolish Lustre Iris Tanzanite
1-04-14295   4mm Firepolish Lustre Pink
1-04-L1023   4mm Firepolish Lustre Smoky Topaz
1-04-14413   4mm Firepolish Lustre Trans. Champagne
1-04-15695   4mm Firepolish Lustre Trans. Gold Smoky Topaz
1-04-15495   4mm Firepolish Lustre Trans. Topaz/Pink
1-04-21115   4mm Firepolish Matte Iris Brown
1-04-21195   4mm Firepolish Matte Iris Purple
1-04-M2398   4mm Firepolish Matte Jet
1-04-M5768   4mm Firepolish Matte Ox Bronze
1-04-7001   4mm Firepolish Mauve
1-04-K0175   4mm Firepolish Metallic Antique Copper
1-04-BR5201   4mm Firepolish Milky Dark Peridot
1-04-3033   4mm Firepolish Montana Blue
1-04-25127   4mm Firepolish Neon Electric Blue
1-04-25122   4mm Firepolish Neon Orange
1-04-25125   4mm Firepolish Neon Purple
1-04-5023   4mm Firepolish Olivine
1-04-ST63100   4mm Firepolish Op Pale Turquoise Star Dust
1-04-P15726   4mm Firepolish Op. Amethyst Lustre
1-04-P10   4mm Firepolish Op. Luster Mix
1-04-53420   4mm Firepolish Op. Olive
1-04-ST3100   4mm Firepolish Op. Pale Turq. Stardust
1-04-CT9320   4mm Firepolish Op. Red - Copper Picasso
1-04-CT6315   4mm Firepolish Op. Turquoise Copper Picasso
1-04-T6313   4mm Firepolish Op. Turquoise Picasso
1-04-0300   4mm Firepolish Op. White
1-04-Z15010   4mm Firepolish Op. White Tortoise Celsian
1-04-BT8312   4mm Firepolish Op. Yellow Bronze Picasso
1-04-81260   4mm Firepolish Opal/Orange
1-04-S19C2398   4mm Firepolish Opalescent Purple
1-04-48024   4mm Firepolish Orange Dual Coat Teal
1-04-T6315   4mm Firepolish Persian Turquoise Picasso
1-04-7021   4mm Firepolish Pink
1-04-MD740-20   4mm Firepolish Pink Coral Moondust
1-04-94101   4mm Firepolish Polychrome Black Currant
1-04-94105   4mm Firepolish Polychrome Indigo Orchid
1-04-5031   4mm Firepolish Prairie Green
1-04-7010   4mm Firepolish Rosaline
1-04-MD7010   4mm Firepolish Rosaline Moon Dust
1-04-9010   4mm Firepolish Ruby
1-04-3005   4mm Firepolish Sapphire
1-04-T3005   4mm Firepolish Sapphire - Picasso
1-04-Z3005   4mm Firepolish Sapphire Celsian
1-04-38036   4mm Firepolish Sapphire Tortoise
1-04-29538   4mm Firepolish Saturated Brown
1-04-29535   4mm Firepolish Saturated Chartreuse
1-04-29527   4mm Firepolish Saturated Fuchsia
1-04-29566   4mm Firepolish Saturated Grey
1-04-29565   4mm Firepolish Saturated Lavender
1-04-77056   4mm Firepolish Saturated Metallic Hazelnut
1-04-77060   4mm Firepolish Saturated Metallic Island Paradise
1-04-77061   4mm Firepolish Saturated Metallic Niagara
1-04-77057   4mm Firepolish Saturated Metallic Pale Dogwood
1-04-29562   4mm Firepolish Saturated Mushroom
1-04-29530   4mm Firepolish Saturated Navy
1-04-29563   4mm Firepolish Saturated Peach
1-04-29570   4mm Firepolish Saturated Purple
1-04-25144   4mm Firepolish Saturated Red
1-04-E9008   4mm Firepolish Siam Ruby Vega
1-04-27000   4mm Firepolish Silver
1-04-SL0003   4mm Firepolish Silver Lined Crystal
1-04-SL2051   4mm Firepolish Silver Lined Tanzanite
1-04-1023   4mm Firepolish Smokey Topaz
1-04-H0485   4mm Firepolish Spring Valley
1-04-MSG4001   4mm Firepolish Sueded Gold Black Diamond
1-04-93110   4mm Firepolish Sunflower Yellow
1-04-2051   4mm Firepolish Tanzanite
1-04-68116   4mm Firepolish Teal Tortoise
1-04-18036   4mm Firepolish Turtoise
1-04-W0003   4mm Firepolish Twilight Crystal
1-04-W7035   4mm Firepolish Twilight Fuchsia Crystal
1-04-W5050   4mm Firepolish Twilight Peridot
1-04-6023   4mm Firepolish Viridian
1-04-Z6023   4mm Firepolish Viridian Celsian
4mm-fossil   4mm Fossil Stone Strands
ABB997-4mm   4mm Glass Pearl Strands
ABB789   4mm Goldenrod Matte Glass Bead Strands
4mm-Goldstone-Bead-Strands   4mm Goldstone Bead Strands
4mm-Gray-Lace-Agate   4mm Gray Lace Agate
AAA041   4mm Gray Matte Glass Bead Strands
ABB616   4mm Green Aventurine Strands
ABB153   4mm Howlite Round Beads
ABB117   4mm Lava Stone
ABB788   4mm Light Salmon Matte Glass Bead Strands
AAA479   4mm Light Sea Green Matte Glass Bead Strands
ABB564   4mm Light Sky Blue Matte Glass Bead Strands
4mm-OCW-Light-Sky-Blue   4mm Light Sky Blue Ocean White Jade Round
AAA305   4mm Magnesite Strands - Blue
4mm-Magnesite-02E   4mm Magnesite Strands - Dark Cyan
4mm-Magnesite-02I   4mm Magnesite Strands - Gold
AAA304   4mm Magnesite Strands - Off White
4mm-Magnesite-02G   4mm Magnesite Strands - Orange
4mm-Malachite-Bead-Strands   4mm Malachite Bead Strands
AAA313   4mm Marine Blue Matte Glass Bead Strands
AAA487   4mm Matte African Turquoise Round Beads
AAA517   4mm Matte Amazonite Strands
AAA555   4mm Matte Amazonite Strands
4mm-Matte-Black-Onyx-Strands   4mm Matte Black Onyx Strands
ABB154   4mm Matte Carnelian Strands
AAA530   4mm Matte Chevron Amethyst Strands
AAA078   4mm Matte Cloudy Quartz Strands
334-4mm-22   4mm Matte Fossil Stone Strands
4mm-Matte-Green-Aventurine-Str   4mm Matte Green Aventurine Strands
1-04-M14400   4mm Matte Hematite Firepolish
AAA032   4mm Matte Howlite Round Beads
ABB707   4mm Matte Rose Quartz
ABB812   4mm Medium Purple Matte Glass Bead Strands
ABB787   4mm Medium Violet Red Matte Glass Bead Strands
4mm-OCW-Medium-Violet-Red   4mm Medium Violet Red Ocean White Jade Round
AAA698   4mm Metal Crimp Covers
ABB333   4mm Mint Green Mother of Pearl Strands
ABB293   4mm Mixed Faceted Tourmaline Strands
4mm-Natural-White-Jade-TB   4mm Natural White Jade Strands
4mm-Rhodonite-Strands   4mm Rhodonite Strands
79010300   4mm Rivet Setter
AAA549   4mm Rose Gold Plated Hematite
4mm-Russian-Amazonite-Rounds   4mm Russian Amazonite Rounds
4mm-OCW-Saddle-Brown   4mm Saddle Brown Ocean White Jade Round
AAA548   4mm Silver Plated Hematite
4mm-OCW-Spring-Green   4mm Spring Green Ocean White Jade Round
AAA274   4mm Square Bead
4mm-OCW-Steel-Blue   4mm Steel Blue Ocean White Jade Round
AAA275   4mm Tibetan Style Daisy Spacers
4mm-Tourmilated-Quartz-Strands   4mm Tourmilated Quartz Strands
4mm-Unakite-Strands   4mm Unakite Strands
AAA311   4mm White Matte Glass Bead Strands
4mm-x-6mm-Dark-Teal-Crystal-Ha   4mm x 6mm Dark Teal Crystal Hand Knotted Necklace
AAA042   4x6mm Bisque AB Faceted Rondelle
AAA384   4x6mm Matte Amazonite Strands
AAA37   4x6mm Matte Black Onyx Strands
AAA394   4x6mm Matte Carnelian Strands
AAA395   4x6mm Matte Green Aventurine Strands
AAA396   4x6mm Matte Lapis Lazuli Strands
AAA397   4x6mm Matte Rose Quartz
AAA391   4x6mm Opaque Purple Faceted Rondelle
AAA498   4x6mm Rose Quartz Rondelles
AAA357   4x6mm Soft Pink Faceted Rondelle
ABB420   4x6mm Yellow Faceted Rondelle Crystals
5-Wrap-Leather-Kit   5 Wrap Leather and Czech Glass Bracelet Kit
5-8mm-Amethyst-Chips   5-8mm Amethyst Chips
AAA464   5.5mm Matte Prehnite Strands
5601-4   5601 - 4mm square Jet
5mm-Faux-Suede-Cording-Black   5mm Faux Suede Cording - Black
5mm-Faux-Suede-Cording-Purple   5mm Faux Suede Cording - Purple Shimmer
Blck5mmFlat-Leather   5mm Flat Black Leather
Grey5mmFlat-Leather   5mm Flat Grey Leather
5mm-Flat-Leather-Cord-Ends   5mm Flat Leather Cord Ends
Tan5mmFlat-Leather   5mm Flat Tan Leather
Turq5mmFlat-Leather   5mm Flat Turqouise Leather
Whte5mmFlat-Leather   5mm Flat White Leather
5mm-x-7mm-white-rondelle-pearl   5mm x 7mm white rondelle pearls
5mm-x-8mm-Black-Crystal-Hand-K   5mm x 8mm Black Crystal Hand Knotted Necklace
5mm-x-8mm-Chocolate-Crystal-Ha   5mm x 8mm Chocolate Crystal Hand Knotted Necklace
5mm-x-8mm-Greige-Crystal-Hand-   5mm x 8mm Greige Crystal Hand Knotted Necklace
5mm-x-8mm-Light-Beige-Crystal-   5mm x 8mm Light Beige Crystal Hand Knotted Necklace
5mm-x-8mm-Light-Smokey-Crystal   5mm x 8mm Light Smokey Crystal Hand Knotted Necklace
36045GP   5x7mm Flat Crimp End
36045NP   5x7mm Flat Crimp End
AAA088   5x7mm Moss Agate Tube Strands
AAA113   5x7mm Rondelle - Red with Picasso Finish
AAA084   5x7mm White Howlite Tube Strands
AAA091   5x8mm Cream Mother of Pearl Rondelle Strands
5x8mm-Green-Magnesite-Large-Ho   5x8mm Green Magnesite Large Hole Beads - Short Strand
5x8mm-Matte-Chevron-Amethyst   5x8mm Matte Chevron Amethyst Large Hole Beads - Short Strand
AAA341   5x8mm Ocean Jasper Wheel Strands
AAA082   5x8mm Zambian Aquamarine Rondelle Strands
ABB517   6-7mm Grey Large Hole Freshwater Pearls - Short Strand
6-94208   6/0 Duracoat Galvanized Berry
6-94204   6/0 Duracoat Galvanized Champagne
6-94209   6/0 Duracoat Galvanized Dark Coral
6-94212   6/0 Duracoat Galvanized Dk Berry
6-94213   6/0 Duracoat Galvanized Dk Mauve
6-94216   6/0 Duracoat Galvanized Dk Seafoam
6-94218   6/0 Duracoat Galvanized Dusty Orchid
6-94220   6/0 Duracoat Galvanized Eggplant
6-94210   6/0 Duracoat Galvanized Hot Pink
6-94211   6/0 Duracoat Galvanized Lt Cranberry
6-94221   6/0 Duracoat Galvanized Lt Smokey Pewter
6-94213F   6/0 Duracoat Galvanized Matte Dk Mauve
6-94222   6/0 Duracoat Galvanized Pewter
6-94207   6/0 Duracoat Galvanized Pink Blush

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