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AAA165   6mm Matte Carnelian Strands
AAA462   6mm Matte Chevron Amethyst Strands
AAA077   6mm Matte Cloudy Quartz Strands
AAA063   6mm Matte Cobra Jasper Strands
6mm-Matte-Dalmation-Jasper-TB   6mm Matte Dalmation Jasper Strands
AAA526   6mm Matte Dark Grey Hematite
ABB586   6mm Matte Dyed Dark Purple Jade Strands
ABB575   6mm Matte Dyed Fuschia Jade Strands
ABB617   6mm Matte Dyed Green Marble Jade Strands
ABB556   6mm Matte Dyed Light Lavender Jade Strands
ABB572   6mm Matte Dyed Magenta Jade Strands
ABB618   6mm Matte Dyed Red Jade Strands
AAA139   6mm Matte Ebony Wood Bead Strands
AAA405   6mm Matte Fossil Stone Strands
ABB800   6mm Matte Gray Wood Bead Strands
6mm-Matte-Green-Aventurine-Str   6mm Matte Green Aventurine Strands
6mm-Matte-Green-Opal   6mm Matte Green Opal
AAA049   6mm Matte Grey Opal
AAA351   6mm Matte Labradorite Round Beads
AAA362   6mm Matte Lapis Lazuli Strands
6mm-Matte-Larkvite-Strands-TB   6mm Matte Larkvite Strands
AAA499   6mm Matte Moss Tree Agate Strands
AAA033   6mm Matte Natural White Jade Strands
ABB169   6mm Matte Peach Moonstone Strands
AAA244   6mm Matte Phosphosiderite Strands
6mm-Matte-Picture-Jasper-Stran   6mm Matte Picture Jasper Strands
6mm-Matte-Pink-Calcite-Strands   6mm Matte Pink Calcite Strands
ABB161   6mm Matte Pyrite Bead Strands
ABB158   6mm Matte Rose Quartz
6mm-Matte-Sea-Blue-Aqua-TB   6mm Matte Sea Blue Aqua Terra Jasper
6mm-Matte-Snowflake-Obsidian   6mm Matte Snowflake Obsidian
6mm-Matte-Strawberry-Quartz   6mm Matte Strawberry Quartz Strands
ABB569   6mm Matte Strawberry Quartz Strands
ABB160   6mm Matte Tigers Eye Strands
ABB717   6mm Matte Turquoise Blue Howlite Strands
AAA028   6mm Matte White Howlite Strands
ABB844   6mm Matte White Wood Bead Strands
6mm-Medicine-Stone-Strands   6mm Medicine Stone Strands
ABB728   6mm Medium Purple Matte Glass Bead Strands
39-6mm   6mm Medium Violet Red Matte Glass Bead Strands
6mm-Mint-Green-Mother-of-Pearl   6mm Mint Green Mother of Pearl Strands
AAA359   6mm Mixed Pastel Colours Aura Quartz
AAA045   6mm Morganite Strands
6mm-Moss-Agate-Strands   6mm Moss Agate Strands
SC1523-A-6MM   6mm Music Note ImpressArt® Design Stamp
AAA407   6mm Natural Flower Jade Strands
AAA450   6mm Natural Mauve Jade Strands
AAA477   6mm Natural White Jade Strands
AAA431   6mm New Jade Strands
K015-6mm-01F   6mm Non Magnetic Matte Hematite Gold
K015-6mm-02F   6mm Non Magnetic Matte Hematite Platinum
AAA178   6mm Ocean Blue Aura Quartz
ABB165   6mm Off White Lava Stone
SC1513-B-6MM   6mm Oinky ImpressArt® Design Stamp
AAA379   6mm Olive Jade Strands
SC1518-H-6MM   6mm Om ImpressArt® Design Stamp
ABB105   6mm Opalite Style Glass - Blue Violet
ABB108   6mm Opalite Style Glass - Camellia
AAA650   6mm Opalite Style Glass - Colorful
AAA644   6mm Opalite Style Glass - Deep Sky Blue
ABB102   6mm Opalite Style Glass - Dodger Blue
ABB106   6mm Opalite Style Glass - Medium Orchid
ABB107   6mm Opalite Style Glass - Olive Drab
AAA641   6mm Opalite Style Glass - Pink
ABB109   6mm Opalite Style Glass - Red
ABB103   6mm Opalite Style Glass - Saddle Brown
AAA640   6mm Opalite Style Glass - Sea Green
ABB110   6mm Opalite Style Glass - White
AAA700   6mm Orange Aqua Terra Jasper
6mm-Orange-Botswana-Agate-Stra   6mm Orange Botswana Agate Strands
ABB349   6mm Orange Red Matte Glass Bead Strands
ABB708   6mm Parral Dendritic Agate Bead Strands
ABB536   6mm Peach Large Hole Freshwater Pearls - Short Strand
6mm-Peach-Moonstone-Strands   6mm Peach Moonstone Strands
AAA187   6mm Peach Moonstone Strands AAA Grade
20-6mm   6mm Pearl Pink Matte Glass Bead Strands
ABB446   6mm Picture Jasper Strands
AAA374   6mm Pink Tourmaline Strands
AAA052   6mm Pink Zebra Jasper Strands
AAA098   6mm Poppy Jasper Strands
AAA445   6mm Prehnite Strands
ABB718   6mm Purple Aura Quartz
ABB312   6mm Purple Fluorite Strands
AAA043   6mm Purple Rutilated Quartz Strands
6mm-Reconstituted-Turquoise-TB   6mm Reconstituted Turquoise Strands
AAA711   6mm Red Aqua Terra Jasper
6mm-Red-Aura-Quartz   6mm Red Aura Quartz
AAA418   6mm Red Crystal
AAA377   6mm Rhodonite with Matrix Strands
79010400   6mm Rivet Setter
AAA066   6mm Rose Gold Plated Hematite
AAA065   6mm Rose Quartz
AAA661   6mm Rose Red Aqua Terra Jasper
ABB828   6mm Rose Wood Bead Strands
AAA119   6mm Round - Mottled Purple
AAA120   6mm Round - Pink with Picasso Finish
AAA123   6mm Round - Purple Luster
AAA179   6mm Round Opalite Bead Strands
RAK6   6mm Rudraksha Beads
AAA002   6mm Sea Blue Aqua Terra Jasper
SC1519-H-6MM   6mm Sea Horse ImpressArt® Design Stamp
SC1513-D-6MM   6mm Shelly ImpressArt® Design Stamp
ABB515   6mm Shungite Bead Strands
AAA528   6mm Silver Plated Hematite
SC1515-A-6mm   6mm Skull and Bones ImpressArt® Design Stamp
AAA691   6mm Sky Blue Aqua Terra Jasper
SC1520-A-6MM   6mm Snow Flake ImpressArt® Design Stamp
ABB163   6mm Snowflake Obsidian
6mm-Sodalite-Strands   6mm Sodalite Strands
AAA339   6mm Sponge Coral Strands
AAA174   6mm Strawberry Quartz Strands
AAA551   6mm Sunstone Strands
SC1510-H-6MM   6mm Swirl ImpressArt® Design Stamp
AAA353   6mm TeraHertz Strands
AAA273   6mm Tibetan Style Daisy Spacers
ABB377   6mm Tibetan Style Dzi Bead Agate Strands
6mm-Unakite-Strands   6mm Unakite Strands
AAA186   6mm Verdite African Jade Strands
SC1514-K-6MM   6mm Whimsy Flower ImpressArt® Design Stamp
AAA067   6mm White Aura Quartz
AAA029   6mm White Howlite Strands
6mm-White-Large-Hole-Freshwate   6mm White Large Hole Freshwater Pearls - Short Strand
ABB119   6mm White Matte Glass Bead Strands
AAA172   6mm White Moonstone Strands
AAA302   6mm White Sandal Wood Strands
ABB790   6mm White Wood Bead Strands
AAA393   6mm Wood Bead Strands
ABB767   6mm Wood Strands for Mala
AAA151   6mm x 6mm Coral Strands
6mm-x-7mm-Oval-Peacock-Pearls   6mm x 7mm Oval Peacock Pearls
AAA099   6mm x 8mm Poppy Jasper Strands
AAA014   6mm x 8mm Tigers Eye Strands
AAA713   6mm Yellow Aqua Terra Jasper
AAA380   6mm Yellow Moonstone Strands
AAA508   6mm Zebra Jasper Strands
ABB410   6x8mm Black Chinese Crystal Strands
AAA085   6x8mm Carnelian Tube Strands
ABB411   6x8mm Clear Chinese Crystal Strands
ABB240   6x8mm Dark Orange Chinese Crystal Strands
ABB242   6x8mm Light Seafoam AB Chinese Crystal Strands
ABB241   6x8mm Peach Chinese Crystal Strands
CZ101509   6x9mm Aqua Blue Crystal with Picasso Full Coat
CZ102056   6x9mm Fire Engine Red Czech Glass Beads
CZ100115   6x9mm Montana Blue Grey White Czech Glass Beads
CZ200982   6x9mm Purple Luster Bell Bead Czech Glass Beads
AAA100   6x9mm Rondelle - Aqua with Bronze Picasso
AAA125   6x9mm Rondelle - Blue and Brown
CZ102153   6x9mm Rondelle - Cranberry with Picasso
CZ100062   6x9mm Rondelle - Green Opaline with Bronze
AAA107   6x9mm Rondelle - Green Turquoise
AAA106   6x9mm Rondelle - Green Turquoise with Picasso
AAA118   6x9mm Rondelle - Jet Opaque with Picasso
AAA117   6x9mm Rondelle - Jet Opaque with Picasso Full Coat
CZ100372   6x9mm Rondelle - Olive Opaque Trans Picasso
CZ102002   6x9mm Rondelle - Olivine, Aquamarine, and White Mix Opaque and Transparent with Picasso Finish
AAA109   6x9mm Rondelle - Purple Mix with Bronze Finish
AAA108   6x9mm Rondelle - Purple Opaque with Bronze Luster
AAA101   6x9mm Rondelle - Rose with Beige Picasso
CZ101506   6x9mm Rondelle - Turquoise Green with Bronze
6x9mm-Turq-Opaque-Picasso-Bell   6x9mm Turq Opaque/Picasso Bell Czech Glass Beads
CZ102214   6x9mm Turquoise Opaque Picasso Czech Glass Bead
6x9mm-Turquoise-Opaque-Purple-   6x9mm Turquoise Opaque Purple Luster Bell Bead
AAA102   6x9mmmm Rondelle - Purple Mix
ABB739   7mm Black Lip Mother of Pearl Strands
93045040   7mm Nugget
SC159-V-7MM   7mm Stick Bride ImpressArt® Design Stamp
SC159-U-7MM   7mm Stick Groom ImpressArt® Design Stamp
AAA153   7x9mm White Rabbit Jade Strands
ABB693   8-9mm Large Hole Grey Freshwater Pearls - Short Strand
8-9825   8/0 Amethyst Lined Crystal AB
8-924F   8/0 Amethyst Matte Silver Lined
8-9148FR   8/0 Aqua Matte Transparent AB
8-918   8/0 Aqua Silver Lined
8-91018   8/0 Aqua Silver Lined AB
8-9401F   8/0 Black Matte Transparent
8-9401FR   8/0 Black Matte Transparent AB
8-9401   8/0 Black Transparent
8-94517   8/0 Brown Tan Matte Picasso
8-925   8/0 Capri Blue Silver Lined
8-91025   8/0 Capri Blue Silver Lined AB
8-9208   8/0 Carnation Pink Lined Crystal
8-94515   8/0 Chartreuse Matte Picasso
8-914F   8/0 Chartreuse Matte Silver Lined
8-9143F   8/0 Chartreuse Matte Transparent
8-9143FR   8/0 Chartreuse Matte Transparent AB
8-914   8/0 Chartreuse Silver Lined
8-91014   8/0 Chartreuse Silver Lined AB
8-9151FR   8/0 Cobalt Matte Transparent AB
8-94245   8/0 Copper Silver Lined Duracoat
8-9204   8/0 Coral Lined Crystal
8-9250   8/0 Crystal AB
8-9131F   8/0 Crystal Matte
8-9131FR   8/0 Crystal Matte AB
8-91F   8/0 Crystal Matte Silver Lined
8-91001   8/0 Crystal Silver Lined AB
8-9593   8/0 Dark Beige Ceylon
8-913F   8/0 Dark Smoky Amethyst Matte S/L
8-91013   8/0 Dark Smoky Amethyst Silver Lined AB
8-9134FR   8/0 Dark Topaz Matte Transparent AB

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