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Build Your Own Bead Buffet Mystery Bag!

As a child, one of my cherished memories involved my parents taking me to a buffet restaurant, where I had the freedom to select whatever I pleased and bypass the dreaded broccoli! If you're someone who relishes the idea of crafting your own "plate," then you're in for a treat with our unique adventure! After transitioning from our physical store, we found ourselves inundated with surplus stock that ended up on our website, but alas, much of it remained unloved. Now, we've rescued these neglected treasures and organized them into dollar value bags.

Inside these bags, you might discover semi-precious beads, Chinese crystal beads, Czech glass beads, freshwater pearls, large hole beads, base metal findings (including TierraCast!), leather, vegan suede, stringing materials, tools, supplies, and more!

Here's how it works: You'll find price points ranging from $1 to $6 and beyond. When placing your order, you can add as many bags of each value to your cart, and we'll handpick them from our stash to include in your order. For instance, you might select 2 x $1 bags, 3 x $4 bags, and 1 x $6 bag, totaling $20 in your cart. The best parts? There is no minimum or maximum purchase. Only want to buy 1 bag?......simply add to cart! Want to go nuts and buy all of them?......we would love you......add to cart! The value of these bags will often exceed what you've ordered, typically resulting in savings of 10-70%. This not only adds an element of fun but also offers a fantastic deal!

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