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We offer 50% off pricing on all our Semi-Precious Stone strands, Wood strands and Chinese Crystal strands.  Put $200 of these strands in your shopping cart and you pay only $100 at checkout! To take advantage of these savings you must have a combined total of $200 in the above categories in your shopping cart.  You will see the discount when you check out.  What a great deal!
African Bloodstone African Turquoise Strands African White Opal Strands
Agate Strands Amazonite Strands Amethyst Strands
Angelite Strands Apatite Strands Aquamarine Strands
Aqua Terra Jasper Assorted Gemstones Astrophyllite Strands
Aura Quartz Bamboo Agate Strands Bamboo Leaf Jasper Strands
BC Jade Strands Beryl Black Silver Leaf Jasper Strands
Black Onyx Strands Bloodstone Strands Blue Goldstone Strands
Botswana Agate Strands Bronzite Carnelian Strands
Chip and Nugget Strands Chrysoprase Strands Citrine Strands
Cloudy Quartz Strands Cobra Jasper Strands Coral and Sponge Coral Strands
Crazy Lace Agate Strands Crystal Quartz Strands Dalmation Jasper Strands
Fluorite Strands Fossil Stone and Fossil Jasper Strands Garnet Strands
Goldstone Bead Strands Graphic Feldspar Bead Strands Green Aventurine Strands
Green Boulder Opal Strands Green Garnet Strands Green Onyx Strands
Green Opal Strands Grey Opal Strands Hawks Eye Strands
Hematite Strands Howlite Strands Impression Jasper Strands
Indian Agate Jade Strands Jasper Strands
Jet Bead Strands Kambaba Jasper Strands Kashgar Garnet Strands
Kunzite Bead Strands Kyanite Bead Strands Labradorite Strands
Laguna Lace Agate Strands Lapis Lazuli Strands Larimar Strands
Larkvite Strands Lava Stone Lemon Quartz Strands
Lepidolite Strands Lodolite Strands Magnesite Strands
Malachite Strands Mookaite Strands Medicine Stone
Moonstone Strands Morganite Moss Agate
Mother of Pearl Muscovite Strands Natural Jade Strands
New Jade Strands Ocean Jasper Strands Opalite Bead Strands
Parral Dendritic Agate Bead Strands Peridot Bead Strands Petrified Wood Strands
Phantom Quartz Strands Picasso Jasper Strands Picture Jasper Strands
Pink Aventurine Strands Pink Calcite Strands Pink Opal Strands
Pink Tourmaline Strands Poppy Jasper Strands Prehnite Strands
Pyrite Bead Strands Quartz Strands Rainforest Jasper Strands
Red Creek Jasper Strands Red Crystal Rhodonite and Rhodochrosite Strands
Rocky Butte Jasper Strands Rose Quartz Strands Rudraksha Beads
Russian Serpentine Rutilated Quartz Strands Shungite Strands
Smokey Quartz Strands Snowflake Obsidian Sodalite Strands
Solar Quartz Strands Strawberry Quartz Strands Sunset Dumorterite Strands
Sunstone Strands TeraHertz Strands Tigers Eye Strands
Tourmaline Strands Turquoise Strands Unakite
White Opal Strands Yellow African Opal Strands Yellow Calcite Strands
Yellow Opal Strands Yellow Turquoise Strands Zebra Jasper Strands