Kellie's Bead Boutique
Bead Inspired!

It has been said "it started with one bead".  Well it sort of did!  During a house boating vacation in September of 2003 I was introduced to the art of creating jewelry.  As a DIY soul at heart that was in to crafting of all types I was intrigued, to say the least.  I started with an anklet, made a pair of earrings and then a bracelet.  They were all identical but I was so proud of my accomplishment and knew this was a craft I was meant to take up!  I immediately immersed myself in classes and one bead turned in to a store......well, it took a few years.

Kellie's Bead Boutique was a full service bead store that opened in December 2009 and changed to a fully online store in August of 2022. I created a successful line of jewelry, Kellie Sutton Jewelry, that was sold to over 80 stores across Canada and worn by women in the US, Japan, Australia, England and more! I was also featured in many local and national newspapers, was seen on local TV and had my designs shown in beading magazines and beading books.  Opening a bead store seemed like a natural progression to me with my love of beads and a yearly pilgrimage to Tucson in February helped fuel that passion. Along the way I started creating LIVE projects on Facebook which was not only a fun thing to do but it helped others learn how to create their own jewelry while not having to leave their home.  The next step was a bold one where I found myself creating an extremely popular YouTube channel that has over 110,000 subscribers!  We now have customers watching and ordering from all over the world. I have always endeavoured to carry the best quality beads, have a great selection, pride myself with exceptional customer service and will hopefully have something that will inspire you to make your own unique jewelry!

Kellie Sutton